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Do you plan a wedding or similarly important social event? Table numbers in Art Deco style are impressive way to initiate a desired vibe to all the invitees and assign each at the right place at the same time. We selected about a dozen of most popular designs in signature black, gold and white colors, but all of them are customizable - you can, for instance add monograms of the happy couple, if you want, or upload completely new images on both sides of the card!

Custom Art Deco Table Numbers

art deco table numbers vintage

art deco table numbers gold

It's something special in combination of black and gold. Maybe it's the bold contrast, maybe unique combination of prestige and extravagance. You can hardly find a person who can stay indifferent at those relatively simple geometric patterns with surprising uplifting effect on the audience. Times of Roaring Twenties are here again and you can expect the arrival of Great Gatsby any time now!

Good old times when everything seemed possible, times of new discoveries, new materials and new beliefs can be instantly revived with proper decoration of the place. Table numbers are among central elements which can be further personalized with only few clicks of your mouse and ordered on-line. If you want, you can continue  in the same style with place cards and programs in style of Art Deco.

art deco table number cardsgreat gatsby table numbers

1920s were times of first sky scrapers and the Chrysler building (at time of built highest skyscraper in the world) is still among the most famous symbols of this era. Enjoy in the eclectic style made of elements borrowed from Egyptian, Roman, Aztec and other ancient cultures. Impress your guests with streamlined design and simple, yet efficient decoration. Did you notice a silhouette of flower in the background?

Don't forget to add a personal touch with personalization. You can, for instance, choose between landscape and portrait orientation of the card, change front or back image (or both), change the number (don't feel limited by numbers only, you can also name the tables after characters in Fitzgerald's masterpiece or use any other theme) and add few additional words of your choice. Let your creative juices flow!


art deco table card vintage art deco table number card

Dimensions of these elegant table number cards are 3,5 by 5 inches. They are printed on high quality 110 lb paper with satin finish and made of 50% recycled materials. If for some reason this type of paper doesn't suit your needs, you can further upgrade the already excellent product by selecting one of three premium ultra thick types of paper which are also available: with white, red or brown core. Everything to help you at creating truly one of a kind event.

One of the main reasons why Art Deco became so popular and still persists among classic styles, is definitely ability to offer realization of dreams to just about everybody. It doesn't matter if you are born rich or poor, boy or girl, in the city or in rural area - dreams were accessible to everybody and many of them made them true. Make your dream wedding a reality with one of presented table cards!

White And Gold For Great Gatsby Table Numbers

As you can see, you don't need much to create an impression of different era. In the case of 1920s and times of Great Gatsby, the table cards just need the right border and appropriate type of font:

gatsby table numbers gold and white art deco table card

While black and gold first come to one's mind when we think about Art Deco, we can also find numerous examples of designs where gold is paired with white. This combination is less dramatic, but in some cases maybe fits even more in the event. Weddings are after all for more than a century closely associated with white after all.

Both designs are simple, yet effective, with large empty space in the middle, what helps to create a bit of air in sometimes too crowded reception halls at weddings. If you like soft, gentle and sophisticated feel of white and gold mix, you have several design to choose from and ability to add something extra on your own. Don't forget, you need to enter a number of the table for each card separately.

table numbers great gatsby

black gold white table cards

In this case we have two white and gold designs where color black is also present. As you can notice, the feel is much more intense and definitely suitable for brides and grooms who have strong personalities and would maybe like to infuse some power in the event. Such table cards should be undoubtedly used thoughtfully in tune with all other elements of the wedding: not just visual, but audio and other media as well.

We would also like to point out how vibrant are both designs, which offer an illusion of additional dimension on flat cards, where in essence only a number of the table should be shown. But as we all know, table cards at weddings never have only informative goals, they always serve as decor too. If these three basic colors from Roaring 20s are not enough, just click one of them and you'll see more combinations with purple, pale blue and silver!

black and bronze art deco tower table number postcard- 325-315 20s table numbers

At the end we present two additional design in style of Great Gatsby, both very impressive, with a touch of luxury and hi tech, slightly flirting with Cyber Punk and definitely worth considering, if you want to excite your guests right at the moment of arrival. It's your big part after all!



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