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Art Deco Save The Date Cards


Art Deco style is a popular design choice for Save the date cards because of its bold geometric shapes and elegant lines. Here are some ideas for an Art Deco style Save the date cards:


  • Use bold geometric shapes: Incorporate bold geometric shapes, such as circles, triangles, and squares, into your design. These shapes can be used to frame your text or create a border around your design.
  • Choose a muted color palette: Art Deco style is often associated with muted color palettes, such as black, gold, and ivory. Use these colors to create a sophisticated and elegant design.
  • Incorporate metallic accents: Adding metallic accents, such as gold or silver foil, can give your Save the date card a luxurious feel. Use metallic accents to highlight important information, such as your names and wedding date.
  • Use Art Deco typography: Art Deco typography is characterized by bold, geometric lettering. Use a font that reflects this style for your Save the date text.
  • Add a vintage touch: Incorporate vintage elements, such as a sepia-toned photo or a distressed texture, to give your Save the date an antique feel.


Overall, an Art Deco style save the date card can be a great way to announce your wedding date in a stylish and sophisticated way.


art deco black save the date postcard 

Playful Art Deco Style


Save the dates in Art Deco style are playful and fashionable way to introduce your wedding theme or just make invaluable first impression on your guests even before the formal invitation is sent.


As we know a Save the date has to be sent at least six months before the wedding. Some invitees may have weekend occupied months ahead and if the date of the wedding falls in holiday season save the date cards should be sent up to one year, even fifteen month ahead.


roaring 20s art deco save the date


Why Art Deco Save The Dates


Art Deco was born almost one hundred years ago, on remind of the ruins of the first World War, first of necessity to build new homes and few years later on optimistic expectations based on new discoveries and improved technology. If we look at a wedding as kind of new beginning, the attitude of this style suits occasion perfectly.


Presented designs are great examples of the golden era sometimes known as times of Great Gatsby. Black and gold colors together with angular and geometric shapes are signature elements, but both Save The Dates (and all others on this page) can be customized in many ways: with your wording, addition of your graphics, change of background color and so on.


There are many formats which may be used for save the dates: two-fold, three-fold, with pocket folds or as magnets, but it seems the postcard format is the winner of the moment. Next two examples of save the dates in the spirit of 1920s is available in landscape and portrait format, on twelve different types of paper from standard semi-gloss and matte to luxurious pearl and metallic shimmer.


vintage geometric art deco save the date

Black And Gold Art Deco Save The Date


While we instantly think about black and gold colors when Art Deco is mentioned, we should not forget this style actually experimented with more colors than any artistic style in history. Classic white as leading color, seen on next two save the dates is only one of obvious possibilities.


As we can see, it works great with gold or gold and black. Even if our wedding theme is different, such cards could still be used as save the dates thanks to their glamour and elegance.


Some Save the dates could be, for instance, used together with beach or country wedding themes, thanks to leading yellowish and brownish tones. And some are completely different story. With red in first and blue they don't fit in Great Gatsby style, but this is still Art Deco, which was, among other influences, inspired with Cubism and Fauvism. Strong colors used in cards can nicely complement other themes.


art deco red save the date


Red can be reflected in bridal bouquet, or blue with gold could introduce a nautical wedding theme, which would be used in further wedding stationary. When we look at the style of the cards, we can also associate them with vintage or rustic themes, so it's easy to see how many options Art Deco actually offers.


You can choose among different shapes of the card, what may work great at presented designs. According to the frame we can experiment with bracket, scalloped or maybe ticket shape.

While we changed only leading colors, yet still stayed within classic elements like streamlined lines and simple geometric shapes, we can go even further with motifs what is presented in Art Deco themed save the date cards below. Both card designs are designed as vintage postcards and both can be personalized with your text and images.


art deco vintage mint save the date 


When we add different types and colors of paper, different shapes and other details, we can see opportunities to express your personality are virtually endless. Especially if you are skilled at making photo collages and similar creative ways to play with graphics.


Stylish Vintage Art Deco Save The Date

A vintage Art Deco style save the date typically features bold geometric shapes, clean lines, and a minimalist color palette. Here are some ideas to help you choose a stylish vintage Art Deco save the date card:

  • Use Art Deco-inspired fonts: Choose a font that has an Art Deco vibe to it. Fonts like Futura, Broadway, or Gotham are popular choices.
  • Incorporate geometric shapes: Use clean, simple shapes like circles, triangles, and squares to create a sleek and modern look.
  • Use a monochromatic color scheme: Stick to one color or use shades of the same color to keep your design simple and elegant.
  • Add metallic accents: Art Deco style often incorporates metallic accents like gold or silver. Consider using metallic foil for a luxe touch.
  • Play with negative space: Leave plenty of space in your design to create a sense of openness and sophistication.
  • Choose a vintage-inspired image: Use a vintage photograph or illustration to evoke the feel of the Art Deco era.
  • Send them out in style: Once your stylish vintage art deco save the dates are ready, be sure to send them out in style. Consider adding a coordinating envelope liner or sealing them with a custom wax seal to create a memorable first impression.



art deco black gold save the dates



Example of an Art Deco Save the date text:

Mark your calendars for the grand affair!
We are delighted to announce the forthcoming nuptials of (Bride’s name) and (Groom’s name).
Please join us for a glamorous celebration on (date) at (venue).
Our Art Deco-inspired soirée promises to be a night of revelry, love, and dancing.
Formal invitation to follow.




We hope you enjoyed in our selection of best Art Deco inspired save the date cards, which can be all tailored to your wishes. If you are looking for something even more fashionable, Art Deco save the date magnets could be another possibility.


Don't forget these cards are not official invitations. Etiquette requests to send invites to everybody who received a STD card. If you opted for formal wedding, a wording like 'invitation to follow' could be included, but otherwise this is not a must anymore. Have fun!




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