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RSVP wedding cards are so called additional printed items. They are not obligatory, yet very popular and useful part of wedding stationary. These separate cards are sent together with invitations and for each RSVP card a smaller, matching envelope with a return address is enclosed. Don't forget to add postage to the reply envelopes, because it is polite to do that and also because you want to make lives of your invitees as easy as possible. We recommend to add RSVP date on the card, too.


RSVP cards are not just a chance to officially accept your invitation and give you a valuable information about the number of your wedding guests, they are part of your wedding theme, which is probably already introduced through save-the-dates. Wedding is large event and pretty demanding from the logistic point of view.


With invitations (including reply cards) you'll show your guests how formal the ceremony and reception will be, so they will know what to expect and could prepare to act accordingly. Of course they can get another hint or two from your wording. Will you include ... Accepts / ... Regrets options only, or you will give them an option to the choose main course (chicken, beef, vegan, ...) as well?


No matter if you are more inclined to fashionable, classic, vintage or any other style, on this page you should find plenty of inspiration for your wedding RSVP cards.














What is the meaning of RSVP in wedding cards?


RSVP is abbreviation of French phrase 'repondez s'il vous plait', meaning 'reply, please'. With wedding reply cards you actually ask your guests to confirm of cancel their attendance, so you can adjust your seating and catering or maybe invite people who were not included in original guest list due limitations of wedding facilities or your budget.


When you are writing a list of wedding guests, you should always reserve an empty column just for RSVPs by each name. When the reply cards start to arrive, just enter the dates of confirmations. Few days after the date, when the RSVP date had passed by, start calling your guests who didn't respond, to check what happened.


Maybe they forgot to mail replies, maybe your invitation get stuck somewhere, or maybe they mailed RSVP cards for wedding, but they for some reason didn't arrive. With a large list this can be actually very exhausting job, so modern, tech-savy newlyweds (or their planners) use more and more software to keep things under control. Another, even more state-of-the-art option is to skip wedding reply cards and include the address of your wedding site in your invitation, so invitees could confirm their attendance on-line.


If you decide to use printed RSVPs for your ceremony and reception, you'll get some lovely memorabilia, so we invite you to explore the selection of the designs fitting the most popular wedding themes. All presented cards are fully customizable, what means you can change or add graphics, use your own wording, include an inspirational message, ... with just few clicks. If you are satisfied as they are, just enter the names of your guests!


Rustic RSVP cards


Rustic wedding theme belongs to all time classics. It has a natural charm of nature combined with tradition and thanks to its earthy tones fits perfectly for receptions done in open spaces in country, surrounded by trees and maybe a romantic barn somewhere in the background.


Of course it works great indoors as well, if proper decoration is used, so we can say it is a theme, independent of the season of the year, although maybe the fall comes first at one's mind.














Rustic RSVPs share many elements with other popular American themes like country or western. Expect twine, burlap, lace, trees, horseshoes and more. With your personal wording you can make these cards as personal and memorable as possible.


Beach wedding RSVP cards


Beach theme is another great choice for weddings in open places. It can be used as kind of reflexion of lifestyle of the happy couple and with this theme we announce more casual, laid-back style of the reception. It is typical spring or summer theme, which is also extremely popular for destination weddings.















If a destination wedding is our choice indeed, we should not forget how much more demanding is travel for wedding guests, so mail the save-the-dates soon enough to give our invitees plenty of time for adjusting their holiday and other plans.


Although some of them may step a bit out of their comfort zone, they'll probably enjoy the opportunity to discover new people and places at least partly in company of their friends and relatives.


Butterfly Wedding Theme


Butterflies are not popular just for summer wedding themes, they carry strong symbolic power as well. Their metamorphosis is one of greatest wonders in nature and just like the wedding carries an impressively powerful message about transformation. A single is not a single anymore, he or she becomes a part of a pair and eventually even bigger unity - family.















Thanks to the colorfulness of butterflies just about every color or style can be included, from the most trendy combinations to pretty formal ones. A new life is a new beginning and wedding ceremony brings you exactly that: a fresh start without the burdens of the past and with great hopes for the future.


Nautical Theme


Nautical wedding theme is more formal than beach themed wedding. Colors are more classic with domination of the most traditional wedding colors of all: blue and white, both closely related with purity and spirituality. While the beach associates joy and relaxation, nautical more resonates in journey and adventure, but not without responsibility.


nautical-rsvp-cards nautical-wedding-rsvp












And what a journey you are starting! The journey of your life, with a partner of your choice, hopefully armed with everything you need for successful traveling, with stamina and passion and hope, all presented with knots, steering wheels, anchors and other symbols of safety, partnership and luck.


Start the voyage in best possible company, with your invitees, who will gladly confirm their attendance with these personalized RSVP.


Art Deco Wedding Theme


When we start talking about weddings and marriages, we tend to become a bit sentimental. This is one of the reasons even the most modern wedding ceremonies almost always include few traditional and nostalgic elements. Time of Roaring Twenties, The Great Gatsby and Art Deco inspired these beautiful reply cards inspired by 1920s.














Art Deco wedding theme can be slightly (or significantly) more glamorous and showy, especially if we imagine all the decorative elements from the Roaring Twenties, but even if we skip the sequins and feathers, we can catch the essence of the spirit of the time, when many important changes in society happened.


If you choose this style, the optimism of the Art Deco will definitely radiate from your wedding stationary and themed wedding RSVP cards are no exception.



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