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Art Deco and Great Gatsby style are often used interchangeably and the most popular Art Deco wedding programs are definitely inspired with those times. We picked some of the finest examples of this theme, which can change wedding ceremony and reception program into magnificent decorative piece with very special sentimental value.


Black, gold and white colors are dominating colors and with signature simple geometric patterns or lines they'll instantly bring fabulous feeling of the best moments of a very special time in American and world history.


Ready? Let's take a pick!


Great Gatsby Themed Wedding Programs


First two programs are made in classic design with elegant black as a leading color and gold lines for borders. As an interesting addition one of them has a monogram in silver for contrast.













There are many options for customization of existing design, with obvious ability to add your own text in simple form. You can also choose the type of paper, add your own images and so on. These classic flyers come in packs by 25 and every additional pack means a nice discount on your order.


But this is only a beginning. Next two designs are available in different format, which is known as rack card. First thing to note is thickness of the paper, which is a bit harder and with glossy look, just perfect for this theme. There is less surface for text, but not all brides and grooms need to list dozens of participants in the wedding, especially if they decided for less formal wedding. After all the golden times of Art Deco fit best in more casual atmosphere.














As we can see, both programs posses several typical elements of this style, which was named after the World's Fair in Paris in 1925, when the title included words 'arts and decoratifs', but was named Art Deco only about four decades later. The first card uses one of the most recognizable symbols of the era, silhouette of Chrysler Building in New York which inspired so many artists all over the world.


In a way we can say Art Deco was first style accepted as truly American, because everything before 1920s came from Europe, but in this case, influences came from all over the world, complimented each other and the results (for instance Chrysler Building) inspired designers all over the world to create new works again.


The other design of wedding program if fine example of importance of details. Apart from obvious elements, after a bit more careful observation we can spot a stylized floral motif used as a background. While flowers were widely used in Art Deco, they were used even more in many older styles, here we obviously deal with Art Nouveau, which preceded it. Art Deco never denied any of the styles from the past, it just reused it in new contexts. Kind of new beginning without neglecting the past. Sounds like a marriage, right?


White And Gold And Gold And Black Programs


Next two samples of wedding programs use white instead of black. White was used just as often as black in Roaring Twenties and in this case it's maybe even more appropriate, because for so many reasons we always associate white color with weddings. Golden color of borders and in one case even characters only contribute to the festive feeling of the event.


white-and-gold-wedding-programs gold-and-white-wedding-programs












Now we can compare both designs side by side. Approach is not the same, same is true with the price, and we should know what we want to achieve with our programs. To inform and entertain? Yes, of course, but we can do that in pretty brief of much more in-depth way. We can also decide how formal or playful will our wordings be.The form should still follow the function, not the opposite.














Another pair of glamorous wedding programs inspired by Art Deco Style and the story of Great Gatsby returns to black in the leading role. Both very classy and glamorous differ in details only. It's probably worth to point out peacock in he left design as one of the most popular motifs in Art Deco, not just for its rich symbolism, but mainly for its showiness, closely connected with optimistic look on world in the era of technological discoveries and many positive changes in society.


The other design is excellent example of design which successfully melted fonts and graphics, info and aesthetics. Many small details in this wedding program are not there just for decoration, they emphasise the essential parts of the program as well, so they don't just make the program more visually appealing, but improve the effectiveness of the presented info too.


Other Variations of Art Deco Wedding Program Cards


Last two pairs of chosen samples of wedding programs (you can look at them as templates, because they should be, obviously, personalized at least with your names, location and dates) are bit different than already seen. Especially first two programs show how many variations offer this seemingly simple style, based on basic geometry.
















We are already used to black, white and gold, but in this case we are dealing with deep blue, the color of night sky. Is this Art Deco? Of course it is. While with a starry night as the motif it definitely gets inspiration from older artistic styles, we are still dealing with pattern made of simple geometric objects (stars) and even a moonlight is so stylized, it resembles a pyramid, another well known object from 1920s.


The other example leaves much more businesslike impression. It's very simple and effective, with pale brownish color called ecru as leading color and parallel stripes on light gray basis. It's not as sentimental as programs presented before and we can say it offers one of possibilities for evolution of the style, which officially ended with WW2, but made a come back several times and really never completely felt out of fashion. This approach is all about the future, just like the essence of Art Deco. And the wedding should probably be focused on future too.















Last two designs are kind of continuation of the Art Deco style too. In these samples we see how much is possible to achieve with only two black and white colors and some stripes strategically positioned in the right places. Fashionable brides and grooms just love these solutions in design, which should, of course, always complement other elements, like dress, decoration etc., but also fit well with the content of the program.


We hope you found enough inspiration in these Art Deco style inspired cards, so you can make your very own personalized wedding cards in spirit of optimistic times of 1920s. Have a great time!



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