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A lace demonstrated good taste and elegance of wearers for centuries, so lace wedding invites can definitely show some class months before the event even started. When we try to add a bit of personalization to the wedding, addition of the lace as a decorative element or even a leading theme can make a world of difference.


If you are considering to use this delicate piece of fabric as an element of design on your official invitation, you came to the right place. Here is carefully curated selection of best lace themed wedding invitation cards in different styles, some flirting with vintage or rustic themes, others being surprisingly contemporary, but always classy and a bit nostalgic. Just perfect for the ending of one part of life and announcement of new one.


Burlap And Lace Wedding Invitations














We start our presentation with great example of universal appeal of the lace. The main theme of the wedding in this case can be rustic or even something related to the sea (like beach or destination wedding), and elements of both themes are beautifully blended with a lace, which serves as the base for sand dollars (kind of sea urchins) on the burlap background.


The card on the right is a bit calmer with a lovely addition of the gentle bow on the lace for introducing a vintage themed wedding.














We continue our journey through wedding invitations - lace themed with simple and extremely effective combination with burlap, the later acting solid, sturdy, maybe a bit rough and the purity, innocence and romance coming with a classic white lace. Next invite has an interesting touch: string lights which instantly ignite the impression of celebration.


As you already noticed, one card is presented in portrait and the other in landscape mode, but they are both available in both formats and this is only a beginning of customization. There are six different shapes and twelve different types of paper available to choose from.


More Unique Lace Wedding Invites












Next pair of wedding invitations with the same motif shows how powerful is the seemingly soft appearance of white color. In first example we see a striking contrast with lively red color of the ribbon and in the other with black lace of different pattern with huge black W and shiny white heart standing out. If you like one of these designs, just click on it and enter your info.


Both flat cards are customizable on both sides, but they are not of the same dimensions, so the customization options are slightly different. The second one, for instance, have an option to be printed on circle paper. Feel free to check which suits you best. By the way, if you need more choice with the similar theme, here you can find even more lace and burlap invitations.














With the wedding invites above we are moving into different direction. We still have a lace as signature element, but this time a sunflower dominates a design.


Sunflower is another popular choice for themed weddings and is popular at rustic, country and similar outdoor themes which can work best at summer weddings. It's also easy to see how important is background for the overall effect.


The first one is classic for this kind of themes - burlap, but the other is slightly surprising, yet also very pleasing to the eyes - with pattern of wood, which works very warm and welcoming.














For the end of our selection we prepared two very unique designs which use the beauty of the lace in very different ways. The first one uses photo of wood as background, but we can see traces of bluish paint, what give it a cottage chic look, gently wrapped into a lace design.


The last invitation card is probably the most classic of all - bright white lace on discreet gray of different tones with stunning 3D effect. The quality of design and print is so high, it's sometimes hard to believe we are dealing with printed patterns only and some people even asked, if the lace on the picture is real.


Well, it isn't, and this is one of the reasons these lace wedding invitations are so affordable. We hope you found something to your taste and remember - lace goes great with many different materials, patterns and colors. If for some reason it is not manly enough, you can always combine it with wood, metal or leather, right?










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