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Everybody likes to be a part of memorable event like every wedding undoubtedly should be. A wedding theme is one of simple and effective tricks to achieve exactly that – creating something special. If we plan to say "I do!" in fall, or maybe the bride and the groom are not particularly young, or if we simply enjoy lively fall colors with red, orange and yellow tones in main roles, fall wedding invites can help to instantly set the rigt mood.

Our curators examined hundreds of designs with the theme of fall (or if you prefer, autumn), where the most widespread colors and popular elements like leaves, trees and pumpkins were used. We handpicked only a dozen or so of really best ones among which, as we believe, most of our users can find the right invitation card.

All presented fall wedding invites can be ordered on-line and are completely customizable, what means you can not only use your wording, but can upload your images as well. We invite you to dive into the joyful world of colorful abundance characteristic for fall and find the right invitation to express yourself, your big step and impress your guests. So here is the list ...

Autumn Wedding Invitations – Set By Set















We have already mentioned how important part of fall themed weddings are colors. If we are used to different hues of white with occasional addition of blue like in classic themes, we have to prepare for something completely different in this case. Apart from lively reddish, brownish palettes many even more surprising and creative palettes are available.

What about the combination of purple, bright yellow and lavender (which by the way, is becoming increasingly popular in recent years) as seen on the card on the left? Doesn't make an interesting contrast with the invitation on the right, where more classic selection of colors with almost all the popular elements of fall theme (leaves, trees, mason jars,… ) with addition of an acorn as well known symbol of strength, potential and good luck?















Fall wedding invitations with trees above are another examples of rich symbolism of fall themed weddings. Trees traditionally played important role at wedding ceremonies in practically all cultures in the world and in many of them still do. They represent power and protection, but still need to be nurtured, just like a successful marriage does.

Did you know in Germany people planted a tree when the girl was born, to ensure dowry for her wedding? By the time she grew up to be married, a tree should grew up too and the wood should be worth at least something. In some parts of the country a married couple still plants a tree, this time a peach tree for a girl and an apple tree for a boy. In some countries of Eastern Europe a tree is planted by the newlyweds in the home yard because there is a believe this way bride will have a long and fruitful life.

In parts of India, for instance, a banana plant is planted for similar reasons. And in the USA a so called tree ceremony is becoming more and more popular in recent years due growing environmental concern and everything positive which is related to the roles of the trees in our lives.















Personalized wedding invitation cards with autumn theme give you a lot of options to express your creativity. Playing with different shapes of the card is definitely one of them. You can choose from six shapes, eleven types of paper¸and there are of course many different envelopes of different shapes and colors, with or without pockets, which can be seen if you click on one of the selected invites on this page.

Pumpkin is a less common symbol at weddings, but it's probably the most characteristic fruit of Fall, especially October and November, in North America. We also know it represents abundance and it's hard to forget how Cinderella used it for transportation to the castle, when the prince felt in love with her.

Need Even More Fall Wedding Invites To Choose From?














Mason jars (in both examples above in lovely contrast with chalkboard background, which adds to everall rustic vibe) are among the signature elements of autumn. We use them to preserve and can food, but are useful for decorations too. They are used for wedding forever. We can put flowers or candles in them, they can serve as unique glassware and we can also pack wedding favors in them. It's actually hard to find a wedding theme where a mason jar could not be used.

Speaking of themes, you probably already noticed how fall theme occasionally overlap with other themes, like lavender (above), sunflower (below), rustic, country, vintage, lace and many related ideas. This is always a good news, because this way we have even more options to create our very own themed wedding which will stay in good memory of our guests for many many years.















While we are more used of sunflowers at summer themed weddings, these magnificent flowers are quite popular in the fall as well. We can easily see how inspired was the artist who created the invitation card on the left, where red, as more typical fall color is used instead of yellow. The autumn feel is even emphasized with use of red color for wording, where you should enter you data, and the scalloped borders.

The design of the card on the right is different. Sunflower is yellow, but with a combination of wood and canvas as the background we instantly get the vibrations of the outdoor events, somewhere in the nature, maybe near an old barn or similar romantic place with a vintage sense. We can almost hear birds singing, don't we? Of course we can play with shapes and additional graphic elements in both cases.















Although fall is probably the richest season with colors of all, we can choose to use relatively moderate and neutral invitation cards, if they fit the character of bride and the groom better than more vibrant colors. Both invites above are set in brownish, earthy hues, but we are by no means limited only by different shades of yellow and red. Fall can be still rich with green, so all mentioned combinations can work with green too.

Knowing how much variety a fall wedding theme actually offers is very important when we decorate our venue, because sometimes we are limited by the place and sometimes just by imagination. Apart from additional green, purple and even blue colors can work extremely well, just remember to use paler tones which will not fight with orange, red or brown, if one of these is a chosen as a leading color. It's the season of berries too! Another possible option is to use one dominant color for stationary, another for bridal gown and yet another for wedding decor. Let your creative juices flow!















We hope you have found a fall themed wedding invitation card for your big day. Remember, all invites on this page can be customized with just few clicks, no technical knowledge is necessary to achieve highly professional results, everything can be done from the comfort of your home and there are of course nice quantity discounts.

Another bonus is ability to order fall themed card with matching response cards (RSVPs), save the dates (STDs) and other wedding stationary, what will improve the experience of your guests.

Have a great wedding and a fruitful marriage!




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