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A daisy is one of the most widespread and also among most popular garden plants in the world. Simple, yet beautiful, fragile, yet surprisingly adaptable and persistent, these low-maintenance flowers grow on all continents with the exception of Antarctic (which is not a real continent anyway). There are thousands of known species of daisies of different sizes and colors, but the most popular types have white petals and yellow center.

As representatives of purity and innocence daisies belong into the group of traditional wedding flowers and are often used as a wedding theme. If you like these charming flowers, no matter if you prefer Gerber, Shasta, Painted or any other type, we made a selection of daisy wedding invitations.

All designs are customizable and with each one of them you get many additional options for personalization of your message to the wedding guests, from different shapes and types of papers to premium pockets and unique personalized stamps. It's your big day and it's up to you to make the best of it.

Fresh And Simple Daisy Wedding Invites














Daisy only looks fragile. In fact is is very resistant herb which can grow in sunny and shady areas, in wet and dry climate, and if it is planted in garden, it rarely needs a special care (depending on the sort). In fact it can be so successful, it can start acting like a pest if the gardener is not careful.

With all these characteristics this gentle little plant very appropriately represents marriage which should drive in better and worse times, but no matter what, it still constantly needs some care from the gardeners, or, in this case, the bride and the groom.















Although daisies com in all imaginable colors, white and yellow are by far most common ones and these two colors are just perfect for weddings, especially for summer receptions in open places. White is not only color of purity and new beginnings (think about the blank sheet of paper), it's also a color of completeness. When we mix all the colored lights from the rainbow, we get white, don't we?

And don't forget the yellow, the most optimistic of all colors. It is the color which immediately suggests sunshine, warmth and creativity. It's the most visible color of the spectrum and great for all kinds of warning signs in nature (just imagine tigers and wasps), traffic, construction areas and just about everywhere we want something to be seen from far distance. Wedding is obviously an event which is not kept in secret, but because it is so strong, we must not exaggerate with yellow. On the other hand, being used as an accent, like a color of daisies as decorations, works perfect.














See? A lot of white with a pinch of yellow to brighten the design. With white as dominating color there is no worry your wording won't be clearly seen, so if you found a daisy wedding invitation card which suits your taste, you can start typing the most important facts: who, when and where. The preset design can be used as a template for your unique invitation, where dozens and dozens of different combinations of types of paper and card shapes can be used.

You don't have to be a DIY talent of the year to produce a professional result - everything is already here, just waiting for your final touch. Just be careful with the borders and show your card to a friend to double check the spelling, grammar and other details, before you order a full set of wedding invites to be delivered to the address of your choice.














Soft shapes and light colors of a daisy create a very interesting contrast with a rough surface like the wood planks on the both daisy themed wedding invitations above. It's also very obvious we can use daisies at numerous other wedding themes, like country, barn, Boho, garden or different vintage inspired themes.

Did you know daisies were sacred symbol of Virgin Mary in Christianity for many centuries? It's still a symbol of simplicity and chastity in several religions of the west. For somebody who wants to have a lovely weeding, but likes to keep things fresh and simple, a daisy is an obvious choice. And by the way, it's full of C vitamin, and can be used in salads!














Gerbera Daisy Wedding Invitation Cards

We have already mentioned daisies don't necessary come in white and yellow only. Gerbera daisy is actually known in all colors except in blue and green.

Yes, they can be brown too! If you prefer orange, pink, red, violet or even purple tones of the wedding bouquet, but still want to stay with daisies, gerberas are probably the solution. They are attractive garden flowers with hundreds known hybrids, among which many have petals of different colors on the same bloom. Just imagine how many attractive possibilities they offer as part of wedding decor...














White and blue are still the most usual colors at wedding themes, but everything else might be used to, depending on your personal taste.

Pink as the typical girlish color is certainly one of the possibilities to consider and next two examples of pink daisy wedding invites we can clearly see what a lively color brings to the table, if we opt for slightly conventional reception.














Remember, all the presented invitation cards can be personalized and ordered without the leaving the comfort of your home and spending precious time and nerves in traffic. On-line offers became so customizable and print on demand so high quality, we can really do almost everything in the armchair and instead of running around we can spend the time with our dear ones or simply rest for the big day.

We hope you have found the right idea for you daisy themed invitations and wish your relationship to stay fresh as a daisy for many many years!




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