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Country wedding theme is one of the evergreen ideas, always on the list to consider, when we the big day approaches. For people living in picturesque surroundings, the reasons are obvious, and so are for people who don't, but had the opportunity to see how much beauty the nature posses.


It's popular outdoor theme, with distinctive elements, like flowers in the pots, rusty tools, shabby garden furniture which reminds us how hard, yet generous can country life be, how fragile are we, how fast can everything pass and how happy are we, if we can find a moment to share something beautiful with our loved ones.


Country wedding themed invitations should catch a glimpse of all these. This theme is similar to vintage and other nostalgic themes, but also resembles everything related to nature. It's perfect for outdoor receptions, but can be beautifully presented indoors as well. It can be rough, yet chic, melancholic, yet optimistically facing the future.















Can you imagine more typical country themed wedding invitations like the ones above? With cowboy boots and sunflowers, one with background of wood and the other of greenery?


Matching decor, music, food and drink are always easy to find and at the same time we have plenty of opportunity to add a personal touch and make the reception more casual or more elegant, depending on our preferences.


Rural themes are always charming due their simplicity and deep connection with nature, so if you live in the country or not, they are definitely worth considering.


Country Themed Wedding Invitations


Flowers are important part of every wedding and with a country themed wedding their inclusion is no-brainer. When we really want to emphasize the leading theme, we should pay special attention to details, in case of flower, for instance, we can use glass jars, wood containers or clay pots, instead of more often used crystal vases. The results are astonishing, aren't they?













If flowers above contribute to more feminine feel of the event, we can emphasize other aspects of this live changing event in numerous creative ways. Maybe a bit of glamour with string lights serve you better?


Or maybe you prefer more philosophical and humorous approach (humor is definitely important part of living in the country) with wordings: "Eat, drink and be married!"


If you are kind of a poet yourself, you can of course add your own wording, because all the presented country wedding invites are fully customizable - on both sides!












Next two designs are very different, but both belong to the same category of invitations with country theme. First is very complex mix of many related elements, like lace, burlap, metal, wood, heart and a barn. There can be even seen fake diamonds, and all elements are blending into unique composition.


The other invitation card is much more simple on first look, just with a lovely sunflower on the wood background, but if we look more carefully, we can see how much a designer accomplished with clever play of lights.















We conclude our selection of personalized unique country wedding invitations with another pair of beautiful designs, first with horseshoe as dominating element and the other with mix of already seen elements, with interesting presentation of sunflowers apparently just waiting to grow, just like a healthy relationship should.


In both cases you can choose from different formats, shapes and types of papers and of course you can add your personal data (after you are inviting people to your reception!) and your own wording and graphics, if you want.
















By the way, did you know a horseshoe supposedly brings luck? Of course you did, everybody is familiar with this superstition.


It's based on old belief about the magic powers of blacksmiths, who controlled the fire, one of the primary elements. A horseshoe is also closely related to horses, which are always a good sign, because a person with a horse is very likely wealthy.


Another possibly less known belief about horseshoes is their position: it should be turned with the ends up, so the luck caught into the horseshoe, could not fall out!






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