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Wedding invitations written on a chalkboard? You must be kidding! Chalkboard style actually became one of the major hits in recent years. It looks it possess a very unique nostalgic feel which appeals to many different people for very different reasons. Well, in the end of the day we all still looking for something special for the wedding day and chalky white wording on blackboard does exactly that.

We explored the magic world of premium wedding invitation cards inspired by chalkboards and made a selection of best examples. Each one of them can be personalized in several ways. It is obvious to expect to have an option of entering the names of the happy couple, name of location and the date of event, but we can change other elements, like dimensions of the paper or an image as well.

Rustic Chalkboard Wedding Invites














We have already mentioned a certain nostalgy coming with a piece of chalk and an old fashioned blackboard. It totally makes sense to relate these elements with a wedding, which is, even the most ultra hip, always a bit conservative and interlinked with many traditions backed with hundred years of history. While a wedding is not essential to express love and commitment to somebody, it is incomparably more notable, if we commit to each other in front of dozens or maybe even hundreds of guests.

Creators of both cards above decided to incorporate a mason jar into designs to further emphasize the rustic effect of the invitation. Mason jars are not as widely used as they were, because plastic and metal are more suitable for mass production and many members of younger generation don't make their own preserves, so seeing a mason jar as an improvisational container for flowers (always welcomed at weddings) or in some similar decorative role becomes more and more familiar picture.

As we can see a chalkboard style with slightly uneven letters in carefully chosen typographies works great with a mason jar. A heart inside the container adds to final romantic message and already sets the stage for the wedding reception style. A real blackboard (or more of them) with a welcoming note is definitely expected at arrival, isn't it?














Flowers are another traditional part of every wedding for many hundred years and their lively colors work great with combination of rustic and chalkboard style. Just like flowers of different colors contribute to unique final result, different fonts used in typical chalkboard design create one of a kind effect. Together they blend into charming invites above.

Indefinite possibilities of mixing are definitely among main reasons for popularity of chalkboard inspired designs. On one hand we love to have themed parties (weddings included), because they help to create a specific tone to the event, on the other we aim to uniqueness and with possibility to fuse hundreds of known themes into tens of thousands new combinations we can easily create something of one's own.


Customize And Personalize It!














Wedding is so important step in one's life we have an absolute right to customize every single detail related to the event. Personalization of invitation cards should be taken for granted! Both designs above already look professional and with right info (names, place, time) are all about ready to get mailed. But we can always make an additional step and don't settle with default paper and shape. Did you notice how cute is a design with rounded corners?

Of course we can switch from landscape to portrait design and vice versa and there is also an option with premium envelopes with pockets, personalized stamps and so on and on. The possibilities to add a personal touch and transform a simple and informative invite into precious keepsake are virtually endless.















Next two designs present effective combination of classic chalkboard style elements with modern approach to design. White chalk on black board is matching nicely with many traditional and contemporary styles. We already presented rustic, vintage and floral designs with a chalkboard and country, western, art deco or BBQ can work great too. Black and white can be combined with almost any color, so expect pink, plum, mint and other colors too.

Another reason for popularity of chalkboard inspired cards is undoubtedly the feeling of fragility and transience coming with it. No matter how important message we wrote down, it can be erased in a blink of one's eye. An excuse to worry or a valuable lesson about cherishing the moment and enjoying each single day at the time? It's up to you!














An invitation card is important, yet still only introductory part of your big day. There are many creative ways to build on the initial tone in the same style. Welcome signs on real blackboards are definitely worth exploring. They can be informative or funny, you can use them for welcoming your guests, display the ceremony program, present the wedding menu or a seating chart.

You can use them to entertain your guests with a hired caricaturist (have few cameras ready!) or simply as decorative elements in the background. In this case you can opt for fully customizable pre-printed signs in durable materials instead of a classic wood. Depending on your wishes you can order more than one board (don't forget to check for a discount!) or spare some money by ordering chalkboard style posters instead of plastic signs.














We hope you enjoyed in our curated selection of best chalkboard invitations for wedding and our review helped you to make the right choice for your big day. Remember - every presented design is clickable and opens new selection of similar high quality products. And yes, a pack of chalks definitely makes a creative and memorable wedding favor. Have fun!




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