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Combination of rough and delicate, rustic and romantic, burlap and lace seem just perfect for wedding invitations. First being sturdy and coarse and second as gentle and elegant seemingly doesn't belong together at all, but as we can see at invitation cards presented on this page can make beautiful compositions which definitely confirm the old saying about opposites which attract.

If we look at the wedding as probably the most important transition in one's life, we should not neglect powerful symbolism of elements presented not only at the ceremony, but showers, bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners and receptions itself as well.

We all know how special dresses, accessories and decoration add to the experience of the big decision, and when we break that elements into details, we soon realize how every single detail counts. Burlap and lace can symbolically represent necessary components of successful marriage, where we need persistence and durability, but tenderness and idealism too.














Every wedding theme with dominant brownish, earthy, natural colors can use the combination of lace and burlap.


Country, prairie, western, cowboy and other similar outdoor themes work great with this design and with a bit of creativity the same feeling can be transferred indoors too. You just need appropriate furniture, themed decoration, right music - and the memorable wedding party is guaranteed success.














Both designs above belong to burlap & lace wedding invitations family, but closer look reveals how cleverly designers added a pinch of glamour to otherwise relatively casual and down-to earth event with well thought out selection of fonts.


Gold color on the left and clear white on the right are great choices if we want to emphasize the importance of the invites. And what can be more meaningful than invitation to one's wedding?












While burlap and lace create very interesting contrast, we can see how this can be further upgraded with small lovely details, like a heart or a bow.


Of course the final touch is in your hands, because the already existing designs are only templates for your personal invitation, with your customized text, your names, dates and locations. This is by no means the end of personalization, because you can also choose from different formats, types and shapes of paper, envelopes and so on and on.















Take these burlap and lace themed invitations, for instance. Aren't they set in vintage style, in a fashion of Old West? Somehow rough on colors, yet nostalgic and soft, just like life always is, with all the inevitable ups and downs? Now is your turn to make it personal with your very own wordings and sending a memorable note to your invitees who will share this very special moment with you.


You have two sides to customize the invitation with more detailed info, a verse from your favorite poem or an inspirational quote, whatever you may feel to be appropriate for this occasion. Everything is already set, so the final result will pan out as professional as possible, without paying a fortune for printer. In a way you can look at these invitations as DIY projects, they are the expression of your creativity anyway. And yes, you can also choose from different types of envelopes too.















For the final designs we have chosen two cards with dominating motif of lace on canvas. They are both stylish without too much of the sentiment, both welcoming, just waiting for your personal words by which you'll touch your guests, who will be celebrating with you. For you.


We have already mentioned how many options are there to choose from, if you can spare an additional moment for customization and one of them, well worth considering, is definitely shape of the card. With bracket, scalloped or tag you can undoubtedly add something special, to make your invites really stand out.


This concludes our journey through selection of personalized cards with rustic, vintage, country and similar themes with elements of lace and burlap. If not, there is more of similar vibe, simply named as lace wedding invitations, with - what else - a lace as a dominating decorative element. We hope we helped you at finding a perfect wedding invitation for the beginning of your new life adventure. Good luck and take care!




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