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If you chose a Boho style for your wedding, appropriated invitations might be a great introduction. You guests would be probably delighted to know what to expect at you big day. With a Bohemian invite they'll have a chance to timely prepare and enjoy as much as possible.

One of the most distinguished characteristics of Bohemian weddings is definitely a personalized approach. Everything is fine for this theme, if only fits the personalities of the bride and the groom. This is by no means a style for formal weddings, so don't expect limitations in colors, venue, outfits, decorations and other elements of the reception or even the ceremony.

When you decide for Bohemian styled wedding theme, you voted for a casual, relaxed and deeply intimate event, which will very likely stay remembered forever for great positive vibes and not for prestige or some kind of exclusivity. You decided to stay in touch with nature, friends and free spirit, what is not just a decision for one day, but may set the guidelines for the rest of your live as well.


Boho Wedding Invitations Are Always In Tune With Nature















Flowers are essential part of every wedding forever. They are symbol of a new life and great decorative element at the same time. Bohemian souls, known by their connection with nature, will, in general, incorporate them into their celebrations even more than others. Floral arrangements should be just about everywhere and the invitation cards are no exception.

Another characteristic of this style is colorfulness of the flowers. In more formal setting one major color of flowers would dominate, but at Boho full rainbow should be represented. Instead of grown flowers there would be more wild one with their own special beauty. Another typical feature is greenery. A lot of greenery! Think about the whole lawn, like at the invitation card below…

By the way, other rustic and country elements, like wood or old jars, can work great too.














Another important aspect of Bohemian styled wedding theme is personalization. While this trend is obvious at all other wedding motifs, in this case we deal with even more dedication to uniqueness and originality. At more formal themes we still deal with certain limitations, in this case customization is almost a must (despite the fact a free spirit doesn't like that particular word).

All presented invitation cards in Bohemian fashion are fully customizable. This means you can use your wording (obviously!), upload your own images and tailor the invites in numerous other ways, like changing a font, quality of paper and its shape.

You are welcome to explore the possibilities which were not so long ago available only to highly skilled professionals. With just few clicks you can create your own designs and enjoy high end results in almost no time!














The cutest part of both the invitation cards above is eclectic design with surprising, yet still matching elements which are not expected in majority of 'classic' wedding themes. While a bouquet of flowers mason jar hanging down the ceiling with wooden planks as background belongs to related rustic and country styles, you'll probably have a very hard time searching for a mushroom, feathers and berries of wild roses anywhere else than at Boho.

Don't forget the abilities, opened by customization. You can change landscape view to portrait, use twelve different types and colors of paper, and make an additional step further with premium envelopes of different colors, with pockets and so on and on. With new on-line technique and print on demand services there is almost no other limit than your imagination!















By the way, if you like the shape of the card on the left, you can have it on all other invitations on this page as well, just click the desired shape under the Paper Options. You'll notice several other original choices (bracket, ticket, scalloped, ...), so you can play around a bit and create something very personal. Boho is known for DIY approach, so you are in the right tune here.

On the other hand you'll also benefit from professional design of already existing templates and high end printing service for your cards, so they will become not only invitations, but precious keepsakes too.














The most noticeable and probably the loveliest part of designs above are undoubtedly hearts. Classic (also colorful way above the average) wedding elements are fused into the essence of marriage – a heart, a symbol of life, love and sharing. The first design is actually pretty abstract and contemporary, while the second gives more sentimental and somehow traditional appearance. We can label both as Bohemian Chic, but we already know this particular style doesn't really care about labels.

One of the beauties of Boho style is also ability to combine different other styles and fuse them into unique creations. Boho Heart Wedding would be one of the possibilities in this case – with hundreds of heart shaped balloons, heart shaped flower arrangements and similar decorative elements for instance.














We conclude our journey with another pair of Bohemian styled wedding invitation cards with ability of customization.

We hope you found a design which fits your needs and managed to personalize it, so your invitation will not be 'just' an invitation (like anything related to something as important as wedding can be marked with 'just'!), but joyful message from your heart to your guests and a cute keepsake which promises memorable celebration of you W Day.














Have a great party and the best marriage!




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