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If you like dramatic combinations of black and gold, wedding invitations in Art Deco style might be a perfect choice to set the certain tone to your ceremony and reception. This specific style originating in 1920s and 1930s enjoys revived interest thanks to several reasons and the movie after Francis Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby is definitely one of them. The name of the title character is actually so closely related to this style the terms Art Deco and Great Gatsby are often used interchangeably.


Growing interest inspired many artists to create beautiful stationary in so called Great Gatsby style and we decided to compile small selection of very best examples, which are all fully customizable and ready to order. Even if you can't find one, suiting your wedding, you can still get many creative ideas just browsing among them.


Pick Your Favorite Personalized Art Deco Invitation!















Let's start with two typical examples of invites in the style of Art Deco. In both cases black color dominates on the 5" x 7" card and is in dramatic contrast with gold, so we deal with the most popular combination of colors already. At first sight both designs are very similar, with sparse usage of gold, which only marks the borders and is also used for text.


However there are several details to consider. For one, the hue of gold color is different, one being shinier and the other more peaceful. With probably already made scenario of your reception you might easier choose which could be more in tune with your particular event.


Next look shows several tiny details in which both invitation cards differ. They use different fonts, lines and their graphic elements. It's completely up to you to pick the better one for your wedding. There is also an option to customize both, so every little detail fits.














The wedding invitation cards above are still based on black backgrounds, but this time with classic white as contrast. Left one features classic arabesque frame based on geometrical curves similar to tendrils, leaves and other elements of flowers. Such elements were used through all the history of decorative arts and in this invite we can see how can Art Deco use old style in refreshing ways, just perfect for emphasizing an event with symbolic exchange of old life for new beginnings for the happy couple.


Invite on right has something extra: the background is not just simple black, it imitates a chalkboard, so a slightly washed out, somehow vintage effect is achieved. This approach at design is another example of composing something old and something new (just like an old saying suggests) into something completely unique as a marriage definitely should be. Especially, when you personalize it!


Art Deco Invites In Different Combinations















White background with gold or black and gold can work great at this glamorous style, which is also closely related with Jazz. Decorative elements are again simple geometric patterns, which achieve surprisingly impressive effect with just a basic repetition. While we admire artists and their imagination, we should never forget the primary purpose of wedding stationary - to inform the guests. Invitations are still the most indispensable part of stationary, so use your words to full potential.


While you are at customization, you can choose the most suitable type of paper and maybe make another bold statement with change of shape. You can choose from twelve types and six shapes, what makes 72 possible combinations without even trying to upload anything yours to design (but you can definitely add your very own touch in this area too).


More Art Deco Inspired Wedding Invites












We continue our journey through the world of Art Deco designs with two more invitation cards in black and gold. This time we can see much more complicated ornaments, which combines some traditional decor inspired by nature for the frame and more modern, almost futuristic design elements, possibly influenced by technology development.


Let's not forget Art Deco was the first truly global style, born in times of first tools for mass production, new materials and revolutionary approach to marketing. While optimistically gazing at the future it still never neglected the richness of the past and results were often romantic, yet not too sentimental designs, similar to the one we can admire on the left.


While made in similar spirit, the invitation card on the right has pretty different appearance. Simple, effective, with signature silhouette of Chrysler building at the top, probably the most famous building build in 1920s, finished in 1928, just before the so called The Great Crash, when Wall Street crash changed lives of million investors and their relatives forever.


art deco wedding invitations- 325-315













Here we have two more playful designs, both based on characteristic repetitive geometric patterns, but with slightly atypical usage of colors. Well, if we dig a bit into a history of this artistic style, we can actually find many surprising usages of colors. It just so happens black and gold became the ones which we remember the most of all. As we can see blue works great as well. And the interesting effect achieved with use of white at the bottom and gold at the top of the card is something special too.


Sometimes the same design becomes almost unrecognizable just with a change of one color with another. We can see that in the left invite below, which was already presented with gold on black, but this time gold is used on white surface, what may be more in tune with your preferred color for the dress, the venue or decor in the venue.















The very last of presented wedding invitation cards inspired by Jazz era, Great Gatsby, Roaring Tweeties and Art Deco style, is a beautiful example of art which connects, in this case romantic, vintage style with the present. Just like we already stated - something old, something new to make an original creation called marriage.


Here's cheers to happily ever after!





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