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Many things changed since "... request the honour of your presence to celebrate the marriage ...". Although wedding invites still follow the general etiquette and tradition, there is much more room for expressing the style and personality of newlyweds. Wedding invitations are now available in more colors, designs, shapes and sizes then ever.


Newest print on demand trends made customization of every single detail on the wedding stationary affordable to everybody and we can enjoy in creativity of brides and grooms, who transformed simple information in true art. Even seemingly simplest monochromatic wedding invitation cards as seen below are far from being just the mere messages.


With hundreds of preset designs, made by top professionals, and ability to change the wordings or graphics, choose among ten different shapes, eight sizes and five types of paper, each invitation became unique experience for every invitee. There are also different envelopes and fully customizable stamps available as well.


faux gold foil confetti elegant wedding invitation-rbb4f18e49f9341efa5b3e75a419a940f imtzy 8byvr 325-315

chalkboard wedding rustic mason jar invitation-re133179aab264b8a9b24aae17adc56a5 imtzy 8byvr 325-315












Themed weddings became popular wedding trends in last years and the stationary, from engamement announcements to thank you notes, became invaluable tool for creating magic for every participant of the reception.


There are hundreds of popular themes with countless varieties to choose from and we can present only a friction of them. If you see a design which caught your attention, just click on the image and explore the wonderful world of inspirations!


Rustic Wedding Invites


Rustic theme is a classic with many available twists. If you like a natural, slightly vintage feel, motifs of wood, burlap, lace, twine and glass jars, next examples are definitely worth to explore. Invitation cards with rustic theme are perfect for outdoor receptions, where additional elements like barns, old ladders and even deer antlers further ontribute to overall feel.


Can you already hear the accompanying country music?



burlap rustic country wedding invitations- 325-315rustic burlap lace pearls wedding invitation-325-315













Beach Invitations


It's hard to imagine anything more romantic than a wedding ceremony on the beach, with bride and groom barefoot on the pearly sand, under the smiling sun and by the blue ocean. This simplistic approach is useful for smallest and most intimate ceremonies and the glam receptions with hundreds of guests and wild beach party as well.


Beach wedding invitation designs presented below are also useful for more and more popular destination weddings which are a great way to join the start of life as a married couple with honeymoons and also an opportunity for guests to visit exotic places for which they nevere heard before. Just don't forget to send the invitations soon enough for everybody to adjust the holiday plans!


starfish couple on the beach wedding invitation- 325-315monogram blue beach wedding invitations invites- 325-315










Butterfly Wedding Theme


Butterflies are popular for wedding themes for many reasons. Their colorful beauty has always been an inspiration and they are just perfect to set lighter and more playful tones of the wedding reception which best suits everybody who is young at heart.


There is also the metamorphosis, the change from caterpillar into attractive butterfly which symbolize the one of the most crucial changes in life of human being: a wedding ceremony where two individuals unite into a couple with shared burdens and multiplied joy. As we can see at presented cards, all colors can be used in this theme, what opens many lovely posibilities to incorporat the chosen theme with the venue or personal preferences.

wedding invitation monarch butterflies-r3e548bab92d04e318c31650103526656 imtzy 8byvr 325-315


red vintage butterfly wedding invitation-r8ecb72c29d434d14a386b76889603f36 imtet 8byvr 325-315













Nautical Invites


Nautical wedding theme is another popular option which resembles already mentioned beach themed ideas with emphasized symbolism. Safe harbour, tying the knot, and similar are widely used in relation to marriage. An anchor, as symbol of hope, safety and optimism is almost a must in this theme.


If we compared a metamorphosis of the butterfly with a wedding day, most of nautical elelments allude more on the marriage as a path with inevitable ups and downs. Just think about the ocean waves with occasional storms of passion with calmer cuddly periods ... Nautic motifs are popular thanks to dominant combination of both classic bridal colors (blue and white) with an addition of triumphant gold as well.


white navy blue nautical wedding invitations 325-315

nautical wedding personalized invitation-rc429a6c3de554a9e9fde1e5d69e8c1a0 imtzy 8byvr 325-315 












We presented only few of the possibilities from the immense area of formal, informal and themed wedding invitation cards. We wish you successful planning and many precious memories!








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