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It seems finding gifts for brides is harder than ever. Old days when dishes and towels did the job are definitely over. Modern wives are already living in fully equipped houses before their marriages. Many of them are much more interested in careers than housekeeping, which is of course all right but doesn't help at picking their wedding presents.


The situation is pretty interesting and on the edge of contadiction. With access to so many resources, countless ideas and original items from all over the world we still have hard time to find a perfect gift for the bride. Fortunately the new etiquette helps us with so called bridal registries. Many couples decide to set up several wedding registries in different locations and with different lists to make sometimes demanding task of choosing the right present as easy and affordable as possible.


But sometimes we still just don't feel there is anything we would like to give on all those lists. Or we may decide to give something extra, something more thoughtful and from your heart, not just an item from the registry. It is perfectly all right to bring a gift which is inspired by our own thoughts and emotions, maybe something whimsical, with a background story or something what supports the wedding theme.


For cases like that we compiled a list of unique wedding gifts for bride. Each of them can be personalized to match your wishes, wedding theme and bride's personality, so feel free to check some of the most popular items on the web.


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Custom iPhone 6 cases are great presents for all tech savvy brides-to-be who prefer a personal touch on their gadgets. With these lightweight yet resistant cases and ability to add bride's favorite colors and patterns, not to mention the inspiring quote by your choice you can show your affection and give something useful and memorable at the same time.



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A funny gift can go a long way and personalized T-shirts are always welcomed at receivers. You and only you know what kind of message is the most appropriate for the bride to be and at what occasions will she wear the shirt. We all know the weeks before and after the wedding ceremony will offer plenty of opportunities for some more lighthearted moments and this is your chance to leave a mark on them.



pink bride sweet romantic honeymoon luggage tag-r14c7bb32b0714e06808203e9b039f99d fuy1s 8byvr 325-315-145the bride in pink luggage tags-r36b45e6ff3d6409db69f366e44332732 fuy1s 8byvr 325-315-145






Custom luggage tags can be great personalized gifts for bride as well. They are not only practical, they carry a symbolic message about the new life, new beginnings, starting with a honeymoon with her new surname, new hopes and adventures to follow.

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Personalized flasks are combination of traveling and fun. Modern bride is always on the move and one of these beautiful flasks made of everlasting stainless steel with a personal inscription will help her keeping her big day in best memory. You can include a graphic design of your choice or maybe even order few identical ones for closest friends who will definitely drink a toast or two on special occasions.


Seize the day and - cheers!









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