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Are personalized coolers one of the best ever gifts for your groomsmen or what? These guys are your buddies, trusty comrades, devoted companions, best friends - in short, you want to spoil them with something extra and we found some of the top notch items for them. In fact, on the scale of awesome groomsmen gifts these earned eleven out of ten points!

Presents for your wedding party are not just a thoughtful gesture. We can look at them also as a chance to connect different elements of your leading wedding theme into a wider picture and more rememberable experience. If you want to thank your groomsmen for being with you on a such important day, you probably think about something useful, related to wedding, with slightly sentimental note.  In short: a keepsake.

For your convenience we made a selection of best personalized coolers on the market. All of them are already predesigned as gifts for groomsmen. Most of them are in tune with a specific wedding theme, but this is just to show you an example of customization, because they can to be fully  customized according to your wishes - with your own text, data, images, and even dimensions. We made a top list, now it's up to you to pick the winner.

Custom Beverage Coolers




While this one quart cooler made by reputable Igloo is already predesigned with a nautical wedding theme (also works great for destination weddings or anything related to sailors, beaches etc.), you can of course upload the image of your choice. Just click CUSTOMIZE IT tab and you'll instntly get options to play with colors, text and graphics. It's easy as a pie!

Cooler is insulated with Ulthraterm of finest quality, so your drink can stay cool for several hour. It comes with a strap, what is great for cyclists, hikers and everybody who wants to keep hands free while on the go. Like almost every professional cooler it has wide and narrow openings, what gives your groomsmen more choices for drinking, refilling and cleaning than usual water bottles on the market. This very same type of insulated water bottle is also available in twice as big version (with a handle instead of a strap)! All in all a great present for thirsty boys!




Next option for cooling your drinks is a koozie, which has many names: coozie, cozy, coolie, doosie, dosie and huggie, but we won't go into etymological details. It's a fully personalized can cooler of highest quality. All sides are customizable, bottom included. Thanks to collapsible foam from which it is made, it's easy to store too.

We have chosen simple black and white design, suitable to every wedding theme and useful in any social situation. You can use your own, for instance a photo from your bachelor party, you can add the inscription or a thank you note by your choice. You can even change a style - instead for a can, you can choose a design for bottle (fits standard 12 oz bottles). There is always a nice discount for larger orders, so don't miss the chance to express your thankfulness, creativity and save few bucks at the same time!



This personalized koozie is exactly the same as one before, just wrapped in a camo theme, which in recent years became popular at weddings (yes, including hot pink versions), but this time we decided to feature a classic, army camouflage pattern, always popular among men spending a lot of time on terrain. From now on they don't have to sacrifice the comfort of cold drink. This personalized can coolers are 100 percent made in USA, what will probably cheer your groomsmen even more.

In fact next personalized can cooler made a step further and used a patriotic theme to decorate this useful hany goft. We also cordially invite you to check the reviews of users, who used these and similarly customized kozzies for birthday gifts, wedding favors or just for fun. The reviews are excellent!




In the mood for something more serious? Well, hopefully not too serious, we found another interesting can cooler for twelve cans, this time in a popular zombie theme. It really doesn't matter if you have a Halloween wedding, horror theme, or your groomsmen are fans of horror movies of just fans of gothic literature, such personalized drink cooler can be used in all named and numerous other situations.




Looks like a perfect gift for a groomsman who thinks big? Cooling two six-packs is definitely more ambitious than one single can. And decorating it as a movie related theme is more than appropriate, although you can probably find at least a dozen more personal images to make it even better. (You can change the background color with just two clicks!) Talking about better ... Why settle with a cooler for twelve, if you can have a personalized can cooler for two dozens?




We are dealing with an Igloo cooler of top quality, perfect for birthday, anniversary, Christmas, retirement or wedding gifts. It is suitable for cooling food and drinks, with 14 qt. of capacity, where you can put 24 soda cans at the same time or items of different dimensions, including 2 liter bottles standing up right.

Ultratherm will keep all the goods inside cool for hours, with a handy swing up handle it's highly portable and... Did we mention reverse sides of the lids can serve as trays? If your groomsman likes to take a trip, have a picnic, go fishing or hunting, .... Well, we believe he'll like doing all that even better. And with a whimsical quote or funny image of your choice, it's very likely, you'll be among the first invited guests with a privilege of testing.

Now let's get serious - for the ultimate partygoers only really large cooler can do the job. Do you know next cooler can keep an ice inside for full three days? (Tested at 90 F.)




You get a cooler with capacity of five gallons. A lid is connected to the cooler with a special cord. If you intend to party for three days, you can't risk loosing it. Handles are strengthened to improve durability. We are dealing with full five gallons after all. And there is a special spigot for easier dispensing. What comes in, has to come out too - without spilling. If you always tried  to find an indispensable companion for picnics, you just found one.

And the truly good news? The very same model is available in ten gallon capacity too! A word of warning: although majority of costumers evaluated this superb cooler with excellent marks, few of them reported about minor problems with printing. It seems all of them had the same issue - they didn't know how to center the image. So be careful at customization - and enjoy in partying all day long!




For the final example of personalized coolers for your groomsmen, we have chosen a barbecue themed bottle cooler. Again - it's just one of possibilities, because you have plenty of options for customization and personalization. Did we mention, it comes with a sturdy zipper?

Instead of a bottle cooler you can get a koozie or, why not, order both, if you want. Your groomsmen will appreciate your efforts. Cheers!



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