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While gifts for your guests are by no means a must, Art Deco themed wedding favors can significantly help to set the mood of your reception. A nice gesture is always appreciated and with a right choice of colors and patterns, they can also serve as attractive, yet inexpensive decorative addition to the overall look. If we decided to use a certain wedding theme, it works best when it is displayed through all the traditional elements, like stationary, dress, decorations, venue itself and everything else.


While we can achieve very impressive effects with carefully chosen favors, we can make even a step further with personalization and we'll find several ways to do that without breaking a bank. One common solution to use the theme at wedding favors is simple - by packaging design.


Personalized Wedding Favor Sticker Labels


Wedding favor stickers are simple and effective way to promote your chosen theme and send a personal message to all your guests. They are self-adhesive and you can put them on many different small items with flat surface (make sure to order the right dimensions!), but the real beauty lies in ability of personalization which is, to some degree, always expected at weddings and similar one-of-kind events. On already existing design, which perfectly fits on the paper, you can add the names of the newlyweds, the date and your personal message.














As you can see at the second example, you can add your personal photo as well, so your guests can take home a lovely keepsake with a piece of you. By the way, apart from different sizes of these scratch resistant personalized stickers for wedding favors, you can choose from gloss and matte finish too.


Chocolate Wedding Favors


Chocolate is always classy, tasty and a bit decadent choice, just perfect for Art Deco themed weddings. To be honest, all other themes are very keen to include it, because ... well, it's chocolate, who can resist it?




Exquisite taste is a great start, but with right shapes and colors, we can do even better. Hearts forever symbolized love and wrapped in shiny papers they make sweet (pun acknowledged) gesture for your guests. The other choice will instantly bring back memories on times of Great Gatsby, The Roaring 20s, when sequins were often used on clothing and for other decorative purposes (large ones were even fixed on billboards).


All kinds of sweets are on the list of wedding favors and for Art Deco theme we can capitalize on popularity of black, white and gold in this style. Almost any combination of black and white chocolate can do the trick!


Art Deco Wedding Favor Boxes And Bags


If the look of sweets (same is true for all other small items which may be used as wedding favors) for some reason doesn't match the wedding theme, we can pack them in thematically designed favor boxes or bags as presented below.















Both designs above were inspired by golden years of Art Deco and if they match the colors of your color scheme, they can definitely make a memorable impression on your guest. Gold satin ribbon is undoubtedly a stylish addition with guaranteed charming effect.


You can order both in packs by 25, they come flat by mail and it's up to you to assemble and fill them. Sounds like a nice opportunity to hang out with few friends? By the way, the same design is also available in black and silver combination.
















These are two similar designs, but with a small, yet important twist - ability to personalize them with your name, monograms, date or personal message (like: "Thank you for being with us!"). It's easy and many couples love this detail, which adds a personal touch and helps your gift to stand out.


All this package is made of high quality paper, so there should be no worry about possible stains and similar inconveniences. Before you order, make sure the dimensions fit your needs and be aware of all possibilities of customization. There are several styles to choose from: classic box, with a heart shaped window, tent, gable and take out - whatever works best for you.














Did you know Art Deco style was born of necessity? There were two extremely important events which preceded this style, which was simply called 'modern' in its days (it got name Art Deco only in 60s): Great War and Industrial Revolution.


On one hand there were many ruins and a lot to build up, on the other many new techniques and materials to use. The result were relatively simple, yet very stylish solutions and this approach fits weddings as well. Why complicate, if there is no need to do that? And why not do something nice and beautiful, if possible?


Wedding Favors Inspired By Art Deco


Wedding favors are a chance to thank your guests with small, thoughtful gifts, which are often inspired by a leading theme, something important to the newlyweds, by the time of the reception or something else. If, for instance, you plan your wedding in the summer and expect warm weather conditions, a fan like the one below may work just great. Can you imagine the photos with dozens of guests with unfolded fans enjoying in the sunlight?















The second idea for a wedding favor gift is just the opposite - it's also inspired by Art Deco style, but much more appropriate for cold weather, when we enjoy in a cup of warm tea. Did you notice it is even named A Tea for Marriage?



















Nature was endless source of inspiration for artists in the interwar period and both ideas for wedding party favors above can serve as an example of diversity of this style. Candle holder (candles are not included!) will definitely make the ambiance more romantic with soft light of a candle (votive and tea candles can be used). Scented soap on the other hand is a classic wedding favor with sentimental and practical value.


Now you may ask what to do with favors like just presented ones which apparently don't fit in one of the boxes and bags we have already mentioned. Thanks for asking! We have two obvious solutions. First one is to buy bigger bags, something like organza pouches and bags below:















Please note: both designs are available in many varieties, but none of them is personalized, so if you want that special step, you can use wedding stickers, already shown at the top of this page, or you can attach some kind of favor tags like the ones below:


Custom Wedding Cards Designed In Art Deco Style


These favor cards are completely under your control. Yes, you can use existing design, but the main beauty lies in customization. The most important part (and easiest to use) is undoubtedly the text. There are five areas to fill out, so it's like really simple form. You can of course change images and tweak the whole design to your needs, until everything looks perfect.


Many newlyweds use those personalized tags for wedding favors to officially introduce their new initials and surnames to all the guests, so in way we can say they can serve as kind of introduction cards as well. Don't forget you have two sides to play with!


roaring-twenties-wedding-favor-card wedding-favor-cards-art-deco













Personalization doesn't end with your personal message. You have an option to choose from eleven different types of paper (some of them with sub-variations) and you can order favor cards with normal or rounded corners. While you are experimenting with numerous possibilities, don't forget in some cases (with additional finish, for instance) the displayed design can be slightly different from printed result (with darker or lighter shades).


Personalized Wedding Favor Tags Inspired By Art Deco


Gift tags are practical and classy way to personalize your event and promote the Art Deco theme even further. As you can see, design is already ready for your text to enter and there is even a pre-punched hole where a twine by which you will attach a tag to the present will go through. There are four different colors of twines to choose from, so you can match your wedding colors as best as possible.



personalized-wedding-favor-tags-art-deco personalized-wedding-favor-tag-great-gatsby-style












If you like black, white and gold as the leading colors of the Art Deco style, these wedding favor gift tags may be just right for you. Considering their likeness to luggage tags, they give you an opportunity to prepare the guest for getaway of the newlyweds.


Please note: these tags are packed by ten, so you need to calculate how many you actually need before you order. It's good to have few extra pieces just in case if something unexpected happens. With an event as large and complex as a wedding usually is, all kinds of surprises are possible and it's part of good practice to be prepared.


How About Personalized Wedding Candy?


Next two candy boxes are customizable as we are already accustomed. You can simply enter the names of bride and groom or dig deeper into design if you wish. Results will be spectacular in any case. Of course you have ability to choose from different shapes and sizes of these high quality boxes too, so the wedding can be even more memorable.















Apart from already mentioned customization you also have twenty-one (!) different tastes of jelly beans and yes, a chocolate as one of the best associations with Art Deco era is one of them. You can order any quantity, from one to five hundred at once and with larger orders come nice discounts ...


Let's take a look at the last two personalized wedding favor gifts in Art Deco style. Both instantly build the feel of Roaring Twenties with extravagant look of the package and the inside is in the same tune - pure pleasure. Your guests will be impressed when they see such favors on the tables and some of them will maybe even expect the arrival of Great Gatsby as the guest of honor!

















Let's have few words about both personalized wedding candy favors. First one is a delicious bite-sized dessert, carefully made of top quality ingredients (they are all listed to avoid potential allergy issues). You can chose from three major flavors, three different icings and ten drizzle colors, what makes ninety possible combinations way before you enter your personal wording.


The second one is a lovely box of cookies dipped in white or milk chocolate. You can use the existing design (conveniently called Blushing Bride) or add your own. There are dozens of colors to choose from just for background, you can add your text and images, so there is plenty of opportunity for playing with these personalized wedding favors in the comfort of your home. Both customizable designs are of course edible.


If you need even more inspiration for Art Deco wedding favors, you are cordially invited to check our article about Art Deco themed weddings. Have a great day!








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