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Themed weddings are big hit in recent years and you may be wondering what a wedding theme is or how to pick one for yourself. In USA only more than six thousand couples marry every single day on average and many of them use a wedding theme to make the wedding more unique and memorable experience for them and their guests.


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So What Exactly Is A Wedding Theme?


Basically it's a set of ideas, inspired by certain day, place, era, color or something else, helping you to connect all the pieces of the puzzle called wedding. If you already started to plan your big day, you are very likely familiar with numerous things which need to be arranged before the happy couple say I do, not to mention before they leave for honeymoon.


At weddings you always have to make a guest list with often more than hundred invitees, choose a venue, make all kinds of announcements in form of writings and different events, find a perfect dress for the bride, groom and possibly other bridal attendants, organize a registry, pick a cake, select a menu, choose music, hire a photographer and videographer, select favors for your guests, maybe write a wedding vow, ... And you want everything to be perfect!


Decision to have a themed wedding can be very important step in your planning. Sooner or later you'll find out a wedding plan is actually a really long list of decisions. With a chosen theme most of these will be much faster and easier. For instance, if you will throw always popular beach wedding, sea food for the menu and sun lotion for favors are practically offering themselves as possible solutions for some dilemmas.


So here it is - a wedding theme is simply a decision for your style. Will it be more or less formal? Traditional or modern? What will be your leading colors? What tone will you use at communicating with your guests? A theme can help you set some guidelines along which you'll make all necessary choices and unify all the elements of the event in unique story of two very special people who are willing to make the commitment of their lives.


Examples Of The Most Popular Wedding Themes


Apart from already mentioned beach theme with similar ocean, island and seashore themes, there are hundreds of beautiful ideas inspiring thousands of couples each year. There is a really huge family of nostalgic themes named after historical eras, like 1930s, 1940s, or simply called vintage, retro or something like that. Another important set of ideas is closely related to the location of the wedding, honeymoon or a place, which is for some reason important to the bride and the groom. Paris, New York, Tuscany or Japan can all inspire beautiful and memorable weddings.


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There are many romantic and even fantasy themes triggered by literary works like Cinderella and Harlem Nights or maybe flowers like roses and orchids (general guidance for wedding bouquet and decorations would not be too hard to guess in this case, right?) and there is probably the biggest group of wedding themes which are simply called by colors: from simple red or white to more specific like mint or baby pink and sometimes very self explanatory like red, black and white theme.


Some of already mentioned themes are obviously overlapping, but this is not a problem, because they are always meant only as basic directions and should be in each case tailored to specific couple with one and only one original story. We are going to compile extensive list of themes for weddings with several hundreds of them, so every one could get enough inspiration, not only for wedding, but for bridal showers, rehearsal dinners and even anniversaries!


By the way - when you choose a certain theme, you are by no means obligated to follow it through all the stages of you wedding. You can choose specific theme for some event and another, possibly related one for another part and so on, or you can opt for a leading color which is constantly present in different themes. You can freely play around with themes, just be careful they are not 'fighting' with each other.


How To Create Your Very Own Themed Wedding


No matter if you pick your wedding theme by your heritage (Indian, Chinese, Irish, ...) or interests (hunting, golf, poker, ...) or something else, in general it should always reflect your personality, because the wedding is all about you and this should be felt through all the stages.


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There are probably only few couples in the world who will not bump into some sort of limitations at wedding planning. This may be the budget, weather conditions, wedding venue, availability of entertainer, ... All these factors should be considered at choosing the theme and same counts for your guests too.


Some (or many) of them could have a problem with a specific theme for cultural, ethical or whatever reason. You don't have to give up on all your wishes for them, it's your big day after all, but a thoughtful host should think about every detail, so some adjustments might be in place. Usually such limitations only sparkle the imagination and offer even more chances to express the creativity of the bride and the groom (and everybody else involved in planning), what can only lead to spectacular results.


We hope you get much better idea what a wedding theme is. Don't choose it just because it's fancy, because while the W-Day may only be one day in your life, the memories (carefully documented) will be there to stay. And the most important tip: don't forget to have fun!






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