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Boho themed weddings became very popular in recent years and it looks like the trend is here to stay for many more years. There are several reasons for that.


Growing need for customization and personalization, which leads to numerous unconventional solutions of otherwise traditional and relatively conservative wedding etiquette is definitely the main one. Current economic situation, where more and more couples refuse to spend a fortune for only one day of splurge, is another reason.




Bohemian style not only allows eclectic, mismatched and DIY elements - it almost demands them. We also can't deny the romantic part accompanying gypsy style (yes, it gots its name after gypsies from Bohemia, largest area of today's Czech Republic) where freedom is praised above tradition, creativity instead of protocol and comfort substituting elegance. Well, at Boho weddings you can actually mix all of these characteristics and more!


The Venue


Something so free spirited as Bohemian styled wedding reception can't be confined into classic banquett halls or hotel ballrooms. Much more appropriate options are gardens, backyards, parks and beaches or barns, cottages and tents.


While these alternative venues are common at other themes, Boho make a step even further. Typical approach would be dozens of tee pee's instead of one major wedding tenant. Any place, where the happy couple and their guests feel relaxed and enjoy life with as low amount of restrictions as possible, can do.




When you are looking for a perfect wedding venue for your Boho or Boho Chic wedding, think out of the box, always have in mind the party spirit you want to achieve, and the feelings of all the invitees.


For a memorable wedding reception you don't need much. Enough seats, a place for food and definitely some place for dancing should be considered. Everything else could be adapted to your needs and creative inspiration. In short: think picnic instead of banquet.


The Dress


A dress code at Bohemian weddings has very loose rules, if any. Comfort of every single participant should be the main concern. Lively colors and playful patterns will add the right vibes to celebration and fuse with other elements into unique symphony of joy. The gowns of the wedding party is a story of its own.


boho wedding dress


Bride and groom are still in the center of attention, but instead of classic bridal dress and tux think about alternatives. What about a wreath of flowers instead of veil, bonnet instead of top hat, maybe even a slight addition of greenery in her hair?


Chain headpieces and ankle cuffs are also popular accessories. Wrinkled clothes, long, flowing chiffon dresses, bold necklines, maxi skirts with slits, bell sleeves, crop tops, open toe shoes and bare feet - that's the way to go!


The Decor


Bohemian decoration radiates DIY and personal touch all over the place. Imagine colorful ribbons, wild flowers with no dominant color (all right, it's actually the greenery, which often steals the show in this case) everywhere, garlands instead of classic centerpieces, blankets instead of tablecloths, and yes, a lot of pillows everywhere.


This theme loves playful assimetric patterns, macrames, vintage glassware and tableware, massive scented candles (be aware of ventilation) ...


custom lavender bohemian wedding programs


You could very easily find many similarities with elements of other well-known wedding themes. If you opt for feathers and sequins, you are already flirting with art deco. In both cases some gold dust is almost a must.


Art deco style is of course not the only theme being related or easily combined with Boho. Beach themed weddings, carnival, garden, lace, shabby chic, travel and vintage are only few of numerous classic or fashionable themes which resonate in similar vibes.


Food And Music


At Boho you can replace traditional wedding menu consisting of starters, mains and desserts with French sounding names with a buffet with home cooking or barbeque. You don't need a detailed schedule for specific courses, as long there is plenty of different foods within the reach of one's hand. For desert think about a wedding cake without an icing, decorated with fruits and real flowers. Nature above all!


What about the drink? Is there anything whch may be called a signature Boho drink? Everything is allowed. If you want a champagne, have one. Or two. If you prefer sangria in large bowl or colorful cocktails decorated with tropical fruits, enjoy in these drinks as well (as long as you don't drink and drive, of course). Don't forget fruit juices, colorful soda and other fun beverages with long straws, sugar rimmed glasses and everything else anybody could possibly wish for.




As for music, hire an entertaining band which will enliven the reception and invite all the guests to the dance floor. Experienced musicians should still have priority over inexperienced ones, but in general you need entertainers with a sense for improvisation and ability to perform songs from really eclectic playlist, promptly fulfill the wishes of your guests and make the dance floor the most occupied place far and wide.


To conclude - Boho styled weddings should, like every other wedding, reflect the personalities and creativity of the bride and the groom, maybe with more casual approach than at some other themes, but always trying to achieve an unique experience for everybody involved. Because a wedding is exactly that - once in a lifetime event. Enjoy in it!





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