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For thousands of years there were only two choices: elegant high heels and comfortable flats. With wedges you can have the best of both worlds. It looks the main concern about wearing wedges at formal events, like gala dances or weddings is solved too. We can find many pretty pairs of wedge shoes in all possible variations.

It's our intention to present you all the benefits coming with this particular style, all suitable for wearing at the ultimate test of class and endurance - the wedding ceremony and the reception. Check these beauties out, your feet will thank you!

A Definition

Wedge shoes have by definition a sole and a heel in one piece. They are known from ancient times, when they were worn for accentuating the importance of nobility and poractical reasons (there was no sewerage in most of the cities up to the end of 19th century, so you can imagine the mess on the streets).



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Wedge sandals with so called gladiator design still arouse imagination effectively connecting antique with present times. Several brides wearing the beauties above reported how fabulous they felt wearing them on their wedding days. As you can see the look of wedge is still obvious, but with narrowing the back of the heel designer managed to make them appearing much more elegant, almost like stilettos.

In such pair of strapped wedge sandals you'll feel comfortable for hours and there is no way anybody can describe them as clumsy.

If we want to understand true super powers of wedges (also wedgies and lifties), we have to know why are high heels, despite being uncomfortable and even dangerous so popular.

Not So Secret Attraction Of High Heels


  1. In high heels everybody looks taller, what is a bonus for men and women forever. At women there comes additional bonus: with heel raised above the toes, leg not only looks longer and leaner, it also gets better tone of the muscles, for instance shape of calf, what leads to more attractive appearance.
  2. Thanks to changed center of gravity the posture of wearer also changes and becomes more attractive, because the chest and rear are accentuated. Style of walk automatically adjusts, additional swaying of hips from side to side is added, movement becomes more seductive.
  3. It looks a lady in high heels triggers protective instincts at men, what was confirmed in several studies, including one by professor Nicolas Gueguen (https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-attraction-doctor/201412/the-surprising-power-women-in-high-heels), where a model received more attention and quicker help wearing stilettos even when she was sitting than the same model in casual footwear.
  4. Walking in high heels demands certain skills. With balanced and coordinated walk on impractical basis wearer shows she is fit and coordinated. Evolutionary this suggests health and good ability to bringing and taking care for potential offspring.
  5. Wearers of high heels in general become more confident, what is partly caused with added height and partly awareness of the effect heels have on men.



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The Dark Side


High heels come with direct risks: you can fall and sprain an ankle or get other injuries. About 30 percent of regular wearers admitted they had fallen at least once when they were wearing them. And another shocking number. More than 70 percent of frequent high heel wearers said they feel pain at wearing.

But we should be concerned by indirect risks even more. Wearing high heeled shoes on regular basis is connected to Achilles tendinitis, ingrown toenails, muscle cramps and spasms, osteoarthritis, pain in low back, pinched spinal nerves, plantar fasciitits, sciatica, spondylolisthesis - all these and more cause by prolonged usage of 'killer heels'.



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There are several ways to reduce the risk and still enjoy most of the aesthetic benefits, from lowering and widening the heel and shortening the time of wearing to choosing friendlier materials (softer soles for instance), but one relatively easy solution is definitely finding a nice pair of wedges.

Healthy or not - let's face it - we all want to look best at special occasions and wedding wedges can be true life savers. You can look stylish and graceful, yet avoid most of the troubles coming with heels. Your weight in wedges is much more evenly distributed, balance is better, your feet won't hurt after few minutes (remember, weddings can last full day), you'll be much more likely able to have a great time on the dance floor and you'll still look and feel fabulous.

Another advantage of wedges is their versatility. They can be worn on literary every surface. On the other hand just try to imagine spiked stilettos on the beach or grass, not to mention situations at certain revenues where heels are not permitted because they damage some kinds of floors.


How To Choose Wedding Wedges?


  1. Comfort first! As already said, you will very likely wear them for many hours, maybe change several locations (with different surfaces) and dance till late at night.
  2. Beauty right after. It's special, once in a lifetime event, there will be photos and videos and even in long dress your shoes could be shown just at any possible situation. You don't want to look them good, they need to look exceptional.
  3. Consider the style, theme and location of the wedding venue. Your footwear, just like the dress, hair-do and everything else should fit in. Wedges in general work great with all kinds of dresses with a bit of volume, like wrapped or flared dresses, are especially appropriate for certain themes like boho or country, but don't go with very tight pants or skirts.
  4. Prefer classic style. Some colors and styles are always more fashionable than others, but if you choose something classic, you really can't go wrong. Classic style is timeless, can be used in wide variety of occasions and goes with widest palette of dresses.
  5. Think in advance. If you choose a right pair, appropriate style and durability you can use it in many different situations, not just for weddings. The math is simple. Would you rather pay 50 dollars for a pair of shoes which will be worn only once or 100 dollars for a pair of wedges, worn on dozens of occasions?



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Just remember - a pair of shoes can make or break your appearance. Choosing wedges for wedding can be one of the most important decisions on your to-do list!



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