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From sandals and pumps to wedges and boots, for brides, bridesmaids and all the guests, silver shoes are becoming regulars at weddings. Maybe you are still in doubt about so shiny footwear? Or you don't know what color of dress to wear with silver heels? We compile few tips for your convenience, but most important of all we curated thousands of reviews of most popular silver shoes tested at more or less formal occasions.

Is this color right for you? Well, in the end of the day it's your call, but you can look at silver as the new gray - in essence it goes with everything with few exceptions. In general you should start with shoes and build up - with elegant long dresses in strong classical (think navy blue) or fashionable (think maroon red) colors, or down - with short printed skirts or stone washed jeans.


silver wedding shoes


But be careful, while monochrome overall appearance in general always work, silver footwear with silver gown (same is true for other metallics, especially problematic can be combination of gold and silver which rarely work well together) can make you looking like a robot. Even a silver detail or accessory, like a sash or a handbag, can be too much, so it's best to think twice before you go for it.

Softer and brighter colors of dresses are in most cases more appropriate for warmer, and richer, stronger colors for colder weather. Patterns and prints, like stripes or flowers, can also be tricky, because they distract attention and compete with shiny silver, so it's safest bet to stick at solids. Also, don't forget to consider the formality of event and the theme, if any. Silver or not, flip-flops and moccasins are all right for less formal, more casual weddings, but for higher level of formality you should probably go with sandals or classic stilettos.

Another generic tip is to wear such footwear with shorter dresses or at least show some skin with it. Above all - you always want shoes to be comfortable, what means you need a pair in which you can dance the night away. Here we go with a list of best rated silver wedding shoes available on line.

Silver Heels For Wedding?

High heels are a classic choice for all formal events and silver heels can look especially spectacular. Additional height is always welcome when we want to highlight the importance of somebody and who could be possibly more important than a bride?


silver wedding pumps


With 3.25 inch heel even a petite bride will feel like a supermodel on her big day. About three quarters of inch platform helps stability and quality leather guarantees comfortable wear for a whole day, what available reviews only confirm. Peep toe design resembles the style of 1940s and demands flawless manicured nails. But as you already know, a manicure and a pedicure are inseparable part of wedding plan.

Most of reviewers praised the elegance of these silver pumps and the height of the heel. It seems few of them found them too narrow, so if you have wider feet, they are probably not a best choice. Otherwise they seem a good purchase and several of buyers reported they intend to buy them in other colors too.


sparkly silver pumps for wedding


These pumps have heels of same height (3.5 inches), but different design and are also made of different materials. Toes are closed in this case, materials are synthetic and the soles are made of non slippery rubber, what can be very helpful on smooth flooring. The most distinctive feature are of course the rinestones, but you can order them without if you prefer so. They are actually available in about 20 variations with or without the sparkles and with or without additional cute glittery details.

The height of platform is relatively low and according to reviews they are surprisingly comfortable. Of course just to be on the safe side, you should break them a bit before the big day, to be able dancing throughout the whole night. Few buyers mentioned minor flows, like few missing rhinestones or traces of glue, but all in all they consider it as very good buy for the money and many of them wear them as wedding shoes, so we can be assured they were tested in most rigorous circumstances.


strappy silver heels for wedding


These classy silver sandals are meant to look gorgeous on photos and can be worn on wide variety of occasions. Combination of leather and synthetic apparently gives them enough comfort if you order the right size and this is the most common problem with this model - on the page is published EU size, so be careful before placing the order. They are also meant for relatively narrow feet, so if yours are on wider side, they probably won't fit.

With almost five inches of additional height you'll instantly transform in a superstar. According to the available comments they are comfortable, but not super comfortable, so it is good to try them on before the big day and also have some kind of backup if things become really though. But if you are aiming for glorious photos or just want to make a fashion statement without breaking a bank - they are a sure winner!


silver wedding boots

You don't have to be in Texas to recreate the authentic feel of Wild West scenery. With these silver bridal boots (well, bridesmaids, mothers of the bride and the groom and other ladies on the guest list may shine in them too) cowboys, saloons and banjo music will come to you. They are just perfect for country and western themed wedding, but thanks to the bling work spectacular in disco theme as well!

According to reviews they are real show stopper, so if you want some attention on the next event, definitely order a pair of them         . Several girls with these boots reported they have ordered additional pairs - in the same and other colors - just to have a spare pair when this wears out. Because it will, thanks to constant usage.

Wedges In Silver Color


silver t strap wedge sandals


Can glittery silver t strap sandals look gorgeous and feel comfortable at the same time? Apparently they can, at least if we can believe numerous commentators who wore them at proms and weddings. Few were not satisfied with the hue of the rhinestones (it is slightly blueish) and couple of ladies with wider feet reported they were too tight for them.

In general they are looking better than the photo, but beware, only a portion of the shoe is covered with stones - look at the photo carefully. If you are looking for beautiful wedge shoes, which can emphasize white, off-white and almost all other colors of the dress, without overshadowing it, being inexpensive without looking cheap, you have found it. They are cute, light and comfy, just made for weddings!


silver rhinestone pumps  


We have found another lovely pair of silver wedges, but in different style. Open toe pumps are especially appropriate for semi-formal and casual weddings. As we can see in the comment section they have a bit of pinkish gold hue in it, so if you are aiming at crystal clear silver, you may be disappointed. On the other hand color in the stones gives additional lively sparkles, similar to moissanite rings, so if you are not too rigid at the scheme and can use some energy, go for it.

The main reported problem was always the same - finding the right size. It looks each pair of shoes is somehow related to Cinderella. Getting right foot in right shoe is always tricky. Lucky for us these silver wedge pumps with 2,75 heel possess the Cinderella beauty as well. There are two tones of silver available and you can also order them in champagne, black and nude colors.

Mid And Kitten Heels

While high heels are still the official standard at notable events, heels of mid height (between 2.5 and 3.5 inches) or so called kitten heels (under two inches) became popular compromise at more and more occasions. They still add a bit of height and elegance, but with minimal amount of discomfort.


silver strappy sandals mid heel


Silver strappy sandals are great buy for weddings and were often worn by bridesmaids, mothers of the brides or brides themselves. They are lovely sandals made by renowned shoe maker, with just enough sparkles to attract without distraction. However if you have very narrow feet, they may not be the right choice for you.

The heel is just a bit over three inches, shoe is made of genuine leather and sole is handmade. Overall a good buy for stylish yet fashionable pair of silver sandals which make a super match for number of different dresses for wedding parties and wide variety of other more or less formal occasions.


silver mid heel sandals with rhinestones


Classy and elegant mid heel dress sandals are thanks to silver color and abundant coverage of rhinestones transformed in one of the brightest stars of any dress event. Huge percent of happy costumers said they fit very well, you just have to pick the right size. These dressy silver sandals are built on 0.25 inch platform and are bit padded for additional comfort, what gives them additional value, especially when you consider hours and hours of wear at events like weddings.

All in all you get a lot of bling for your buck, just be aware these are not high heels. With only 2.75 inch heel they are almost on the edge of low heel, yet still beautiful, much prettier than in photos.


silver open toe kitten heel pumps


If slingback pumps are your thing, you have just found a pair of sophisticated and comfortable kitten heels in silver color. They will add just two inches, but these two inches are 100 percent class and elegance. They'll make prettier virtually every possible dress you can imagine, from formal wear in community hall to binge evening out in local disco club. Yes, you can dance in them and yes, you will be asked for many dances!

Apart from great look there is a cushioned footbed for additional support and protection, lined interior with false leather, sculptured patterned kitten heel sculpted in diamond shape and a grippy patterned rubber sole for superb stability. Ornamented slingback has adjustable buckle. If you are not adjusted to heels, these may be great compromise, just be sure to order the right size.

Wedding In Low Heels

Wanna go even lower? We have found some spectacular low heeled shoes in silver color!


silver sandals for wedding low heel


When you are not used to wear heels and need good looking footwear for a special occasion, you need sandals like these. With just about an inch, maybe inch and a half of heel, they are officially low heeled sandals, but thanks for clever designed platform you'll get the effect of two inches and three quarters without additional risk of lost balance.

It looks this model runs a bit bigger than true to its size, so several buyers solved the problem with ordering half size down. If you have wider feet, this probably won't be necessary. They have a zipper on the back and a foot pad can be a bit slippery if you are intending to wear them with stockings, so it's best to try them on soon enough to see if you need to use some kind of non slippage pad. Otherwise, very glossy, yet appropriate for ages from 13 to 99!


silver art deco shoes for wedding


If you want something comfortable and extravagant, please consider these classy mules in Art Deco style. They are relatively new on the market and got only positive reviews so far. Made of faux leather with padded insole and man made sole are embellished with rhinestones. These sexy mules (shoes without back part) have about half and inch of platform and kitten heel.

Altogether we are dealing with a bit extravagant pair of shoes, which may be worn at more or less special occasions, especially at themed parties (Bling and Roaring Twenties come among firsts in one's mind) and it looks they run true to size chart as well. Apart from silver, they are available in champagne and black color, what means we are dealing with three pairs of spectacular slippery shoes!


silver pumps shoes for wedding

These low heeled pumps shoes can be ordered in about fifteen different colors and they look sensational in each one of them. With only about two inches of height they are great for outdoor events, and it seems most buyers used them for weddings.

Some wearers described them as uncomfortable, but it looks other ones who ordered them soon enough to break them a bit before the big day have much better experience. Just like everything else, size does matter and all in all they are very good slip on shoes for the money.

Flats In Silver Color


silver wedding ballets


Can you wear ballet flats for a wedding? Depends on formality of style, but in these silver ballets made of soft leather with cushioned footbed you can definitely kill two birds with one stone: looking stylish and feeling comfortable. And thanks to one inch heel they are not real flats anyway.  Thanks to the cute bow with a metal charm in front they look dressy enough for a wedding reception, especially if you intend to dance.

Significant part of reviewers reported these ballets run rather small, so ordering a half size up may be right solution, but if you have enough time for breaking them, you have even more options to explore. It looks overall experience of buyers is very positive, especially they praise their comfort, so many of them ended up buying them in three colors after all!


silver gladiator sandals


Sometimes you need to dress up, but for some reason can't wear heels. Silver gladiator sandals with 15 inch high shaft are definitely one of more attractive solutions for this kind of problem. While you'll probably never wear them on black tie events, they may be in center of attention at an Egyptian themed bachelorette party or casual beach wedding. Just imagine them with a little white dress...

They have straps in front, so you can adjust them to your calves, and a zipper on the back to take them off as fast as you wish, as soon when you want to. Cute and comfortable - what more can a girl wish for?


silver loafer


Loafers are not first choice for fashionable events and if your wedding belongs to the high end spectra, lovely lizzard texture and metallic silver color won't be enough. But if you want to wear a pair of really great shoes with a bit of the bling and at the same time feeling like wearing slippers, you can't miss with Ralph Laurent.

Let us know which pair of silver shoes on this page is your favorite for your wedding!



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