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The wedding attire etiquette can be an iffy business. Even a seemingly simple task as choosing a sister of the groom dress can starts a sequence of situations with unpredictable results. To avoid embarrassing and other undesired situations we prepared the general guidelines on the etiquette for the sister of the groom attire, which can also be applied at the sister of the bride and in most cases even at cousins.




And yes, we picked few cute candidates which may serve as dresses for sisters of the brides by the way. No need to thank us, it was all our pleasure.


What To Wear If You Are A Member Of The Bridal Party

This one is easy. Your outfit should be coordinated with other members of wedding party. Your relation with a bride or a groom is of secondary importance. Being a sister, a mother, a cousin, a colleague or a neighbor really doesn't matter, because your role in the wedding ceremony overshadows everything else.

It is very likely somebody, maybe a bride herself, maybe a maid of honor or in some cases mother of the bride, or a wedding planner, will give you detailed instructions on your outfit from head to toes, including shoes, a hair-do and accessories. You don't have to worry in this case, just be at right times at right places and keep smiling. The midnight blue attire above, for instance is suitable for bridesmaids or sisters of the groom or the bride.


What About Being A Sister Of The Groom Without Any Role In The Wedding Party?

This question needs more in-depth answer. First of all you need to find out why you are not included. Are you not in best relationship with the bride or somebody close to her? Would you like to be a part of the procession? If, for instance, bride 'used' all the places for other people, she can still create something less formal, like being one of the readers at the ceremony, or taking care of the wedding book.




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In this case you'll have to be coordinated with the bridal party, but maybe with a bit more loosen rules. You'll also have to consider limitations implied by the place, where the reading would be done. Some attires, like sleeveless dresses and miniskirts are not appropriate for certain places and other are not suitable for other reasons, like being fully covered in very warm location. It's best to check out all these as soon as possible and then act accordingly.

The other option is of course not having any role at all. You are just a guest and guests have their etiquette for dressing too.


Why You Should Still Care About Your Outfit?

Every guest at the wedding is part of event, which is extremely important at least for the pair who is getting married. This event will very likely be documented and it is reasonable to assume you'll pop at few photos and videos, if you want it or not. If you are a sister of the groom or the bride, you can definitely count on many photos. While every wedding features unique story, three general rules always apply:

  • Dress according to the level of formality. You can't drop in denim shorts and flip-flops if you are invited to the ultra formal or formal wedding. On the other hand it wouldn't be appropriate to overdress for a casual wedding, because you'll definitely get more attention than you deserve according to your real role (a guest). And you definitely don't want to overshadow the bride.




If there is a color scheme to follow, the bride and the bridesmaids probably already decided what colors they'll have. The safest bet is to have something in complimentary colors. The basic etiquette advises exactly that. Elegant lilac dress seen above can work great with bridesmaids dressed in mint green (see example higher on the page!) or in sun flower yellow. Or vice versa!

  • Don't forget who runs the show. Every wedding is all about the bride. It's her big day and she dictates the rules. She is the one who sets the level of formality of the event, she chooses the wedding theme and it's her dress all other attires should be in tune with. As her future sister in law you should be able to find out how she feels about your outfit. Is it important to her?

To many brides it's very important but some of them really don't care as long as you don't wear white. The cocktail dress presented below could be just perfect for more casual wedding and for younger sister who is not afraid to show some skin. On the other hand we should remember many  brides don't like to see black dresses at their weddings as well. And yes, red can produce doubtful results too ... It's up to you to find out what should work in certain situation and act accordingly.




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  • Don't be too altruistic. It's great to consider others' wishes, but in the end you'll be the one who will wear the dress. If the bride (or somebody who acts on her behalf) wants you to wear something too colorful, fluffy, long, short, sexy, or whatever you don't feel good in it, you have to stand up for yourself. Explain your concerns and find a compromise. With proper attitude this should not be too hard to achieve.

We hope we helped you at choosing the proper gown, something in tune with the event and although you'll hardly find a section devoted to sister of the groom dresses in any store, something where you'll feel the best yourself ever.



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