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Thinking about periwinkle color for dresses of your bridesmaids? Good choice! This very special tint of blue is not only very appropriate for special occasions, it carries strong symbolic meanings as well. It got its name after small flowers of distinct although slightly varying bluish - purplish color which is also called 'virgin flower', because Saint Mary was dressed in a robe of the same shade.

Apart from white, blue is the most traditional wedding color, but in last decades all pastels were popular. Stronger colors, like purple or maroon, came into mix only in recent years and periwinkle belongs to all mentioned groups - it is not too strong, acts calming, but is not cold as some other members of family. In general this is a color of friendship, trust, sensitivity and freedom.



As you can see, there are several shades of periwinkle colors, so don't be surprised to find a dress cloth with this name, but looking different than expected or see an expected hue of periwinkle named as lilac or lavender (lavender blue is well known synonym for periwinkle since publishing McGraw-Hill's A Dictionary Of Colors in 1930) or something similar. In general look for something pale, with dominant blue and a touch of warmth (in form of red), thus leading to purplish scale.

Check this one:


Buy at Amazon: Chiffon strapless periwinkle dress for bridesmaid


Made of soft high quality chiffon is undoubtedly strong contender in today's selection, although it looks a bit more lilac than expected. The manufacturer strongly recommends contacting him before purchase because they want to adjust the dress to be a perfect fit. Have the measures of your bust, waist, hips and everything else ready.

There are several reasons to make this particular dress one of the most popular ones in the category. With pleated flowing long skirt it instantly adds some elegance to every girl. Adjustable closure on the back with lace fits every figure. And the price tag is very buyer friendly, especially considering the quality of the dress and ability to wear it at other formal occasions as well.

We believe periwinkle is one of the best choices for weddings, because it represents so much without being pushy. If you want to use it for gowns of your bridesmaids, it will not only make them pretty. Their presence will very likely emphasize the beauty of bride's dress too. There is not as much periwinkle colored gowns on the market at the moment, but we managed to make a selection of the most popular ones, made of quality materials, supported by solid customer service of manufacturers and available online.




Buy at Amazon: Bridesmaids dress periwinkle blue


We continue with a lovely long dress with V neckline and spread collar. It's available in sizes from XS to L, and being sleeveless, made of relatively thin fabric, this sheath dress is perfect for warm weather. You can only dry clean it, but buyers reported about good quality of material and it looks great on the model (check short video by pressing the picture above and finding an icon on the left of the screen). A nice detail is an asymmetric belt, helping to make the dress even more jolly without loosing the classy elegance. Very flattering for ladies with slightly bigger tummies too.

For complete look you just need a pair of nice sandals, a chic purse and a pair of earrings.


Convertible Bridesmaid's Dress In Periwinkle Color



Buy At Amazon: Bridesmaid dress convertible blue periwinkle


A convertible dress is the best possible answer on high demands of today's life. You need a formal dress for  an important occasion from time to time, but you don't want to wear the same piece over and over again. With a convertible dress you can easily transform one style to another. One shoulder? Halter neck? Backless? Short sleeves? Sweetheart? V neck? Just twist and wrap and in few seconds you can look completely different! Your options are virtually endless.

Made of high quality mixture of polyamide and lycra it is available at very affordable price in sizes L and XL, well, it's actually one of those new 'one size fits all' dresses, what, according to numerous reviewers looks amazingly great. It's soft, and if by any chance you want it in a different color, there are more than a dozen to choose from. Before you order, be aware of possible problems, reported by reviewers: it's pretty low cut, so more busty women should find appropriate solutions for not showing too much. It seems a sticky silicon bra offers best one, what includes an experience of a breastfeeding mother. Another problem, worth mentioning, was poor communicating with costumer service. But in the end of the day, one of the buyers summarized - it's a keeper!

Is Periwinkle Blue Or Purple?



Buy at Amazon: Short periwinkle dress


If you are looking for simple and elegant short dress, suitable for casual or special occasions, this one is a good starting point. It is made of cotton and nylon. With short sleeves shoulders are slightly covered, yet plenty of skin is shown, there is a deep, but not too deep cut on the back, skirt is tight and flattering. A matching belt is included. Reviewers praised this gown for its quality, but noticed it runs pretty long. So if you are between sizes, shorter may suit you better.

Blouse nicely covers the upper part of the body, emphasizing what has to be emphasized and covering what has to be covered. Flowery motif is made of lace and overlaid. You'll feel modest and feminine, classy and a sexy at the same time. With appropriate jewelry (pearl necklace can work great, for instance) and a pair of white sandals you are good to go.



Buy at Amazon: Long dress for bridesmaid deep periwinkle

If you are looking for something longer, a dress above may be worth exploring. Its most distinctive feature is rich floral embroidery, it is trimmed with lace and has an elastic back panel to fit well, although it is not the best choice for apple shaped silhouette. Couple of buyers reported about decorative elements to be too rough on the skin, but several praised its softness, so we are on the fence in this case.

Anyway, it is a really nice looking dress, useful in wide variety of occasions, especially in hot weather, it is machine washable, easy to care of, just avoid dryer and iron. Available in different sizes and more than a dozen colors.

Short Gowns



Buy at Amazon: A-line bridesmaid dresses


If you are looking for inexpensive fashionable gown, suitable for weddings and similar occasions, a periwinkle dress with three quarter sleeves and adorable geometric pattern offers truly affordable solution. Actually, if you are looking for even more lovely pattern, you can find one on the same page, combined with a bit darker blue color.

It's a very cute dress, available in sizes from 8 to XL, is machine washable and comes with a complimentary sash. If a low cut neckline is too daring for you, you can easily cover it with a fluffy scarf of appropriate color. This dress may offer another interesting option for your bridesmaids, especially if your theme is bohemian or similarly non traditional - you can order dresses with the same pattern, but in different color combinations for all your bridesmaids.




Buy at Amazon: Sweetheart bridesmad dress in periwinkle color


Here we have another short dress with contrast embroidery, this time slightly expensier, but you are paying for the quality. It's made of satin and after your order is placed, you will be contacted by mail to check measures of your bust, hip, waist and height (with and without shoes). There are sizes from 2 to 26 available (check both charts on the left!), but if you want something special, it can be arranged too.

With halter straps and a pleated skirt, there is just right mixture of playfulness and elegance in this mini dress to stun the rest of the guests. Just don't steal the show from the bride! This particular shade of periwinkle (marked as lilac by manufacturer) is not your only option, but you can also opt for one of other available colors, like black, green, red or something else as well.



Buy at Amazon: Cheap periwinkle bridesmaid dresses


We conclude the section of short dresses in periwinkle tones of blue color with a popular piece which got a lot of reviews, so we can build pretty good picture of its quality. It actually got a lot of very negative reviews until at the beginning of when 2015 the manufacturer decided to improve the quality of material, which was one of two main complaints. Now the reviewers report it is not see through anymore, yet still very light to wear and great for summer weddings or other events taking place in the sunny weather.

The other complaint was standard and can be found at all price ranges of all dresses - about size. If you are willing to try for yourself, and we believe it is worth at least considering, because it can be easily dressed up and down, be aware of several characteristics. It is elastic, with relatively low hem line, and several buyers solve their dilemmas simply by ordering one size bigger. They also reported it was delivered faster than expected.


Long (Maxi) Dresses In Periwinkle Color

Some weddings are more and some are less formal, but the final choice of the dress is always up to you. With next dresses you have more room for maneuver. They can be worn at very formal or very casual occasions because they posses timeless elegance and still look unpretentious at the same time. See for yourself.




A-line sleeveless ankle length dress with back zipper is embellished with a ribbon of the same color tone. It is tight in a bowknot with very long tails, what makes it particularly charming. V neck will make you a bit leaner and taller, yet will not reveal too much (it has a built-in bra). We can recommend it for virtually all body shapes. The dress and a sash are made of chiffon and if you opt for this color (more than one hundred tones available!), you just need a pair of silver sandals to make your bridesmaid looking like a box of smiling candy.

But if you want even longer dress, check next one too!




The tone of this dress is probably the nearest to periwinkle color, which is most often used among designers. With fully pleated bodice, dropped waist and a sweat heart neckline your bridesmaid will look simply adorable in this outfit. The upper part is embellished with ruching, while the skirt flows seamlessly to the floor, creating an illusion of 'not of this world' effect - perfect for weddings and proms as typical occasions with powerful personal transformations.

It is available in sizes from 0 to 30 with an option of customized size (with a surcharge), you can choose between zipper and lace-up backs and standard (typically up to ten days) and rush (typically less than a week, be aware of a surcharge) tailoring time. This strapless dress will suit banana, pear and apple shaped silhouettes and is very appropriate for all seasons with an exception of cold weather.



Buy at Amazon: Chiffon bridesmaid dress lavender blue


Our last dress on the list is simple, inexpensive, yet very pretty gown with rhinestones. It doesn't have any reviews so far, but looks nice, affordable and suitable for celebrations. It also looks like it has an ability to be worn as strapless or one shoulder off, but it's probably best to contact the manufacturer (they suggested that anyway) and see what that dress actually offers.

With this we conclude our browsing through selection of periwinkle dressings, suitable for bridesmaids or other members of wedding parties. This very special color radiates sincerity, gentleness and faithfulness and we would love to hear from you if you decide to wear it at the wedding or at similar event.



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