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Are you considering maroon color for the dresses of your bridesmaids? This reddish brown color works great with beige, ivory, cream and all other shades of white and it looks spectacular with most of blue tints, what makes it very useful as a complimentary color for both most popular basic colors used at weddings.

There are actually several tints and shades of maroon, some with very dominant red and other with significant amount of blue, sometimes verging on the purple, which is another popular choice at bridal parties. We made a selection of different cuts among the best bridesmaids dresses in maroon color, based on their prices and popularity among buyers.


maroon bridesmaid dress wedding

Photo by Madalina Lesan, CC BY-ND 2.0, Flickr


So rich colors are not an obvious choice for weddings, but with their power (maroon, which in all variations acts more thoughtful than red and more energetic than brown, symbolizes courage after all) they definitely add to the uniqueness of a once-in-a-lifetime event and help to make in memorable. For all the main characters and all the guests!

Here is a selection!

Long For Elegance And Glamour




Long dresses in maroon color are appropriate for weddings of all levels of formality. First among presented ones is made of chiffon, one of the most useful materials for special occasions, which flatters almost all body shapes. It's a strapless and sleeveless dress, where the final result is a combination of modesty and timeless elegance. Cute pink bow visually enlengthens legs, what is particularly welcomed at petite bridesmaids.

Very important part of the dress is its cut. As we can see, it has a sweetheart neckline, with a bit of allure, but not too showy. This shape suits well majority of body shapes and is very recommended for shorter necks and chins. It covers well more busted ladies and adds some curves to girls with smaller breasts. Circular shaped neckline also softens more rectangular faces. This cut draws attention to one's neck, so if this is by any chance your weak point, find a different solution.




If you want to express a pinch of decadence and a sweetheart neckline looks too daring, a one shoulder strap dress in maroon red may be the answer. Discretely embellished with pleats and ruching it is still a relatively formal gown, suitable for day and evening receptions, but we have to be careful, because it does not go well with all body shapes. It can, for instance, put to much emphasis on large breasts.

On the other hand presented dress will look gorgeous on column shaped bodies and with its asymmetrical design which is continued in bottom half with ruffled skirt, it can hide many undesired disproportions as well. Another tricky part at one shoulder gowns - a bra, which should not be seen at any cost - is solved with a built in bra, so no need to worry about that comon problem.




We conclude our review of long bridesmaid dresses in different maroon shades with a glamorous strapless outfit with empire waist. This silhouette will visually make you taller and distract attention from the lower part of the body, what makes it especially welcome for pear shaped bodies. A brush train adds a bit of volume to the skirt to make a bit of excitement for the dress, yet still keep it useful for every occasion, from ultra formal to casual ones.

Floral design on the top works as a decoration and distracts attention from possible imperfections of one's silhouette. Comfortable and elegant cut make it useful for expecting mothers. This attire is made of quality chiffon and is suitable for all seasons except for outdoor winter occasions. It has a built in bra and a zipper on the back.

Short Maroon Bridesmaid Dresses




If you you prefer shorter dresses for your wedding party, a tea length is a very much in demand. The dark maroon cocktail dress above is one fine example which has empire waist just like the dress reviewed before, but in this case with straps. A square neckline is best for longer and thinner necks and not so flattering for girls with very wide shoulders.

Almost any body shape fits in this cute design. Tea length skirt makes a great choice for relatively formal events while still provide decent level of comfort. Of course not every pair of legs looks great in this kind of outfit, so be sure you are among the ones which feel good whowing your ankles. The knees, which can be especially tricky, are covered, so no need to worry about this!



A little bit more daring is this one shoulder bridesmaid dress. The so called venus style is perfect for column silhouettes and can also work great for other types, if they are not too distinct. This red maroon dress will serve you well at every semiformal occasion, not just at weddings, but be very careful at ordering. The designer will try to adapt the outfit to your needs as much as possible, so be sure to provide accurate measurements.

There is an option to choose from default sizes (from 2 to 26 plus), and a chart with detailed instructions (left part of the picture - scroll over) where you can find everything needed to make a stunning dress for every bridesmaid in the wedding party. If the red maroon color doesn't suit you, the same dress is available in white, light blue and dark green colors too.




Her we have another gorgeous tea length dress in dark maroon color. Sweetheart neckline makes it  alluring and ruched waist prolongs your legs. With a classic A shape it is probably the most feminine among all presented dresses and it is available for less than 100 dollars with free shipping.

Please be aware that spaghetti straps don't flatter ladies with stronger arms and so called wedge shaped bodies in general. Virtually all other body shapes should profit in this outfit, which can be further exploited with carefully selected accessories and jewelry.

We hope you enjoyed our curated selection of maroon colored dresses for bridesmaids. Other members of the wedding party (think about sister of the groom or the bride, for instance) and guests at similar important events can use them as well too. They are definitely among the finest and most affordable pieces on the market.



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