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Are you considering to get a coral colored dress for wedding? If you are a bride, a bridesmaid or a mother of the bride, this lovely pinkish orange tone may be the right choice for you.

Color of coral posses gentleness and femininity of pink and optimistic energy of orange at the same time. It's no wonder it's becoming increasingly popular in modern weddings. While it is relatively recent trend, this vibrant color is by no means invention of the last decades. Did you know children in Ancient Rome wore corals as talismans against diseases?

Long and Elegant

For formal occasions like wedding always is (even if we decide for pretty casual setting), long dresses are much more in demand than shorter ones, so we decided to choose more dresses in this length than others. However you'll find several spectacular short and hi low dresses below as well, most of them at very reasonable and even competitive prices.

If you are, for instance, looking for coral bridesmaid dresses under 100 dollars, you'll find several serious candidates in this price range and few under 50 bucks too. Just take your time and check the selection.


coral bridesmaid dresses with sleeves



First of the coral dresses in this page is a well tested model with almost two hundred reviews. In general we are dealing with a great outfit, especially considering very affordable price tag. Buyers are very satisfied with the color and the quality of material. The main problem lies in the selection of the right size.

Several reviewers reported it can run a bit small, so you need to decide if you want to order your regular size or go with one size larger. This model doesn't give a lot in the bust area and have relatively wide shoulders. The tummy area is slightly more loosen and this lovely coral dress can be also worn as maternity dress in first few months, but not if your baby bump is already visible.

It's definitely an outfit worth considering - it was already used for bridesmaids, mothers of the brides (and grooms) and maybe you can imagine yourself wearing it, being in the role of a lovely bride too! By the way, it's available in eleven different colors.


coral bridesmaid dresses


Sweetheart shaped neckline is one of the most popular shapes for formal dresses. It is probably the most feminine of all, accentuating cleavage of bustier and visually enlarging the curves of ladies with smaller breasts. This flirty, yet extremely elegant dress in coral color (and 28 more!) is made of chiffon, is fully lined and has a zipper on the back.

The main take away from many reviews is simple: it's a roomy dress, which help several pregnant women to have a great time at the party, but some of them had to have it tailored to fit perfectly. One of the reviews suggests to contact the seller, if in doubt, because their customer service is very good.

All in all it's a great dress for the price, although not top quality material. While you can wear it at weddings and other important social occasions, it can be useful in less formal situations too.


coral maternity bridesmaid dress


If you are looking for a long elegant dress for very high heels or wedges, we have another sweetheart cutie! According to published reviews it did very well in wide variety of occasions, from graduations to weddings and it was very flattering to expecting brides too. Customer service was also praised, so for further questions don't hesitate sending an email.

It comes in 22 different colors and customers reported how beautiful they are. If you are looking for a great buy, this might be the one, because the quality of the dress is really good for the price. Of course you should handle it with care - hand wash, cold hang dry only, but this is true for all other dresses, isn't it? Coral dresses became very popular for bridesmaids in recent years and you don't need a lot of imagination to see why.

coral dress for wedding


The color of this dress is defined as a peach, but it's very close to coral, especially if we know there are several shades of coral colors out there. We decided to include it in our selection due dozens of favorable reviews. It is highly recommended for cocktail parties, weddings and office parties, because it's classy, elegant, yet not too formal, so you will still feel relaxed in it, even if you are used just to jeans and tees on regular basis.

Material is good and it can be shipped to you in just a couple of days (check availability). The major concern about this dress should be your measurements, because it can run a bit tight in bust area, so if you are among more blessed ones, you should maybe choose one size bigger, what means you may alter the length to fit perfectly.

One of costumers also reported a material is somewhat see through, so if you decide for lighter color, don't forget to have a thought or two about the right underwear. However it's a very good dress for affordable price, which can be used on different occasions and if you are still in doubt, check the reviews for yourself. It's amazing how many ladies reported about the compliments this dress brought them!


coral bridesmaid dresses davids bridal


This cute and flirty halter dress by David's Bridal is also available in color of coral (and about 30 others). Cascade shaped waist makes virtually every silhouette more flattering and this is probably the main concern of every woman - if she will look pretty in it. As we can tell, you'll not only look, but also feel very lovely in this chiffon dress, perfect for engagement parties, weddings and similar celebrations.

The outfit is very appropriate for younger women, who are not afraid to show bare shoulders and are not too curvy. The reviews show it can run small, so most of the buyers decided to order a size up. There were also few complaints about the color, which looked somehow dull and dusty in few cases (not necessary with a coral). But in most cases, buyers were more than satisfied and it panned particularly well on maids on honor!


coral reef bridesmaid dress


The last long coral dress is also made of chiffon, but it is fully lined, so no need to worry about support. As you can see, it is richly decorated with rhinestones, what makes it perfect for gala events. You don't want to be a guest in this kind of dress, because you'll feel like a bride at the wedding party. It has a train too!

The seller is willing to make a dress according to your measurements. Just make sure you place the order through Amazon and then contact them by the e-mail. Remember - it is a floor length dress, so be ready for wearing some serious heels.

Long, Convertible, Pretty

Convertible dresses are a big hit in recent years. Almost all of us have the same problem - not enough space in our closets and we know this is true even for celebrities! Well, a convertible dress solves this problem in more than a convenient way - one dress can be worn in dozens of different ways, what means you can use it at different events and in different styles.

Convertible dresses in general come with slightly higher price tag, but knowing you actually get several dresses and only need space for one, it should be still considered as a bargain. Just be aware to understand your convertible dress before you have it altered. You don't want to cut off too much, don't you?


coral infinity dress


Thanks to the front and back panels, you will instantly find several interesting ways to wear this long convertible dress in the color of coral. It has a pleated bodice, which apparently suits better to bustier brides and bridesmaids, and a self tie belt. This offer comes from David's Bridal, one of the top brands in the wedding dresses business, what is another sign of good deal coming with buying this dress.

It can be worn in a Grecian style, with cap sleeves, as a halter dress, a knotted tank and many more. Just let your creative juices flow! Made of quality mesh leaves enough air to make through even longest events, where your body craves for air after few hours even if you don't spend a lot of time on the dance floor. Well, in this dress you would very likely be invited, so prepare to enjoy yourself!


coral convertible.dress


Here we go with another coral colored convertible dress. It is up to you how much twisting an bending you'll demand from high quality mix of elastic mixture of polyester and spandex. You can wear it strapless or off the shoulder, short sleeved or backless, whatever is your currentr mood. And if you need more cover up, it's available with a matching bandeau.

According to the reviews, it is a very good dress with one minor and one major complaint. The minor? If you are busty, the straps might be too narrow for some variations. And the major problem? You might need to wait two weeks before it arrives. But all in all it seems it is worth waiting for and if you want to check for yourself, just look for the photo of one of the reviewers - in this very dress, which is available in more than 30 colors.

Short and Energetic

Not all weddings are ultra formal and especially at summers a shorter dress may be a better solution for an event, where you'll intend to spend several hours and maybe dance too. Not everybody has the right legs for short dresses, but we managed to find a few cute short coral dresses which might be just right for your dream wedding.


coral bridesmaid dresses short


This adorable dress has short sleeves and a V-neck. It visually prolongates your face and silhouette in general. It is hard to find a body shape on which it wouldn't look just gorgeous. A shiny brooch on the side makes an interesting detail further improving the overall effect of the laced and beaded outfit.

This dress is not one of the cheapest in this article, but the quality should surpass your expectations and with right measurements (be sure to use the chart provided by the seller, available on the left after you click the photo) and thoughtful accessories (brooch is an obvious way to start building) you'll have a keeper.

short coral bridesmaid dresses


Are you looking for something more playful? This youthful short dress is padded enough to wear it without a bra and a non-adjustable shoulder strap with a lovely flower detail will instantly make you feel sexy as a goddess of the spring. It's a perfect dress for bridesmaids at semi-formal or casual weddings and it will work like a charm at proms, homecomings, cocktail parties or similar events  too.

According to numerous satisfied reviews it is a perfect dress for many occasions and it especially panned out great for bridesmaids. Lighter colors can be a bit see through, so please consider wearing the right underwear. It can also run small, so many buyers orderered one size up instead of their normal sizes. Dozens of buyers decided to upload their photos wearing this very same dress, so don't hesitate checking the review section, availableafter clicking the image.


coral bridesmaid dress short 


We have already seen several chiffon coral dresses and here we have another favorite. It is short, strapless, with sweetheart neckline, playful in a feminine, yet innocent and sophisticated way, with a flowy pleated skirt and a bodice with built-in bra. If you have larger chest, it can run small. On the other hand it is not too short, so no need to worry in this area - it comes just above the knees.

The overall experience of buyers of this dress is excellent. Just make sure to place the order with correct measurements and the seller will contact you for the details. This will also be your chance to further discuss the measurements and additional details. The dress will be custom made, but it is product from China, so expect about two weeks before delivering.

High Low Coral Dresses - for Ladies who Want the Best from Both Worlds

High-Low or Hi Lo dresses are short in front - sometimes fall below the knee and sometimes stop above the knee, what makes them comfortable and perfect for summer weddings or similar events. They are long at the back, what makes them glamorous and a wearer gets the feel of 'classic' evening outfit.

This means they combine the best from both world: comfort and style, playfulness and elegance. We selected a few examples in coral color, but they, of course, come in other colors too. Hi Lo is one of the hottest trends in recent years. Let's try to find out why!

coral high low dress 


This double V-necked hi-lo dress doesn't have particularly distinct difference in length in front and behind. A ruched bust design and rhinestone details will flatter every figure. Bodice is fitted and with enough padding on the top, you can try to wear it without bra. If you need more space, try one size up. The side zipper is concealed.

Please note, this dress is meant for gala occasions. It is great for weddings, but it might be too much for a mere guest. But if you are a bride, you'll shine like a sunshine! The main concern among buyers were wrinkles as consequence of packaging, but it seems with a spray bottle and blow dryer everything was handled.

high low coral dress 


If you think rhinestones are too much for you, go with this hi low dress in more pinkish coral tone. Timeless sweetheart design never fails and it will look great on your bridesmaids. It cascades truly well and the bodice has a corset-like support, so you'll need no additional undergarment. The quality of the material is very good and the seller very forthcoming.

The main problem is, like with every other dress, finding the right size. Please use a measuring tape and check the size chart on the seller's page. It may run a bit long, so some adjustments might be still necessary. Only available negative review is about apparently too small zipper, otherwise the dress got only very favorable comments. Needless to say, wearers got dozens of compliments!

Coral Dresses Under 50 - Beautiful, Yet Inexpensive

You don't need to spend a fortune to look and feel pretty. Especially if you intend to wear a dress for one occasion only! We have found several lovely dresses, which offer good quality for the money. According to reviews the buyers were more than satisfied with the gowns presented below. All of them are available on-line, accessible with just few clicks from the comfort of your hone and none of them is more expensive than 50 dollars.


coral bridesmaid dresses under 50 


Let's start with a one shoulder chiffon dress (underskirt is made of satin) with a flattering sweetheart neckline. The shoulder strap is not adjustable and the flower detail is non-removable. Draping design around the waist will help you hide a few pounds, if you have too much in the tummy area. It's a floor length dress, which will suit most of formal events. Just have appropriately high heels. Silver shoes work great for weddings in this case.

What are buyers saying? In general they were mostly worried about the support in the upper part and it panned out very well. Bra is only optional. If you decide to wear it, try a strapless one, because you don't want to ruin the glamorous Grecian look of one shoulder outfit. The other problem was finding the right size, so be sure to use the chart available on the left of the photo (when you click it).

All in all, more than two hundred reviews guarantees you know what you are getting for your money.

coral bridesmaid dress under 50 

We are not over with coral maxi dresses under 50 yet! It is an elegant, stylish fully lined no stretch gown with not too daring V neckline and you also get two removable rhinestone pins for shoulder straps to make even more attractive appearance. It is easy to maintain, available in many lovely colors ad one of the reviewers said it is really a steal for that price.

Let's skim the negative reviews! One of the girls said it is too narrow on the top, one would love to have an option to order longer skirt (she is almost 6 feet tall), few had a problem with slight difference between color on the screen and colors of dresses, but almost a thousand reviews can't lie - a really good dress in this price range.


cheap coral dresses under 50 dollars 


Who needs short coral dress under 50 bucks? Here we have a strapless sweetheart gown made of chiffon with lining and built-in cups. It was tested at several summer weddings and dozens of bridesmaids looked just too pretty, so beware if you don't want to steel the show from the bride! Being so flowy and youthful it can be also worn for Quinceanera, homecoming, proms, etc.

The main concern among buyers was the bust area, which apparently was too roomy for some of them. After reading all the reviews we may conclude it is very important to use the right sizing chart, but this we have already learned, haven't we? Otherwise the color is true to displayed and the material feels good on the skin, so don't hesitate, if you want a lovely dress without breaking a bank.


coral dresses under 50 


We will conclude our journey through the land of coral wedding dresses with another short, this time one strap chiffon dress, coming from the same seller. It's a great solution for not too formal parties in warmer weather and was already extensively tested at hundreds of weddings, where we don't expect only prettiness, but certain degree of durability as well. A side zipper is concealed. Hand washing is recommended.

It is a very comfortable dress which hides some of the most common problems with silhouettes, like uneven shape of top and bottom or a tummy. Please be aware, the packaging may leave a lot of wrinkles on the material, so it is best to steam it before wearing. Don't forget using the right sizing chart - the one provided by Ever Pretty, not Amazon's.

We certainly hope you found the best possible coral dress for wedding or other special occasion. We also prepared few similar articles about dresses in other colors, like periwinkle or turquoise, if you prefer pastels, or maroon or silver, if you want somthing bolder. Feel free to check them out. Have a great time choosing and wearing the winner!

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