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Are you a sister of the groom or the bride? If you are not already a bridesmaid, it is very likely you'll get one of other more or less important roles in a wedding party. This means you'll be exposed to numerous eyeballs and very likely to few comments as well. You probably want to look great in live, on photos, and in video shots. Well, doesn't everybody?

For best possible apperance you'll have to consider the level of formality required, and your dress should be somehow coordinated with the wedding theme (if any), outfit of the bride, bridesmaids and both mothers. We have already compiled general guidance about dress etiquette for future sisters in law.

After careful selection of hundreds dresses on the market, we managed to narrow the final number into controllable amount of most popular gowns for weddings. Here is a final result; a list of best dresses for sisters of brides and grooms:


Do You Want It Long And Classy?


elegant navy dress for wedding

Buy at Amazon.com: Elegant Navy Dress For Wedding

Let's start with a beautiful dress, suitable for numerous occasions, from casual evening parties to semi formal events. Yes, weddings are included. As a matter of fact, several reviewers reported wearing it in roles of bridesmaids or maids or matrons of honor. It is made of nylon, top has a chiffon look and is appropriately stretchy, so for majority of busts should fit. You'll feel feminine yet modest. There is a zipper on the back, which doesn't stick, what can so often cause a problem at other similar attires.

The main reported problem is length, especially at buyers with shorter statues. This attire runs pretty long, what means you'll very likely need long legs or high heels. It's a bit (not very) see through as well, so you need to pick the underwear carefully and test the results at daylight. Otherwise material is of very good quality, is not itchy, made to fit and flare, free flowing from waist down and reviewers reported how this dress managed to make them feel relaxed and sensual even when they wore it while being pregnant or right after giving birth, still with lots of baby fat in a tummy area.

Maintenance is reasonable - hand wash only, no ironing, but you can remove wrinkles with careful steaming. Considering the quality, price and hundreds of positive feedback, it looks this dress is not only suitable for sisters of brides or wedding guests, it's a clear steal for each gal who needs an elegant and versatile outfit which can easily be dressed up and down.


sister of the bride dress chiffon

Buy at Amazon.com: Sister Of The Bride Dress Chiffon

In this case we decided to present a dress in vibrant blush pink color, but according to hundreds of reviews all other available colors work great too. They are true to colors on the screen, so no need to worry in this area. Majority of ladies who got this beautiful gown, suitable for proms, homecomings, weddings, cocktails and similar occasions were very satisfied with the quality of material (but it doesn't stretch) and evaluated it as a great value for the price. Customer service is also super helpful.

But there is a dark side too. The dress is apparently made for ladies with relatively small busts and extremely long legs. If the measurements are all right at the top, the dress in most cases runs too long, no matter how high are the heels. Several buyers solved the problem with hemming, but it looks it's much better to contact the seller and they'll fix the outfit as you wish. They proved to be of great help more than once.

There are few additional bonuses. It has a built in bra, with kind of hooks on the back for extra support, so you can dance all night even at faster pace without too much worries. It is designed as a corset around the waist area, what flatters every woman's body shape. Did we mention it's available in 22 different colors? And delivery is really fast. Just be sure to order the right size!

If you like chiffon, next piece may be of interest to you as well and we also made a dedicated selection of lovely and affordable bridesmaid dresses, made of chiffon.


one shoulder dress for wedding lavender

Buy at Amazon.com: One Shoulder Dress For Wedding Lavender

One shoulder dress always looks a bit extravagant and is in most cases very suitable for special gatherings. As a future sister in law you'll shine in this flowy lavender lined outfit made of chiffon and satin. Side zipper is hidden and there is enough padding to skip the bra if you want. Reviewers reported about colors to be true to the picture and most of them believe it's a great quality for the money.

Some of them needed to adjust the size, in most cases the dress was too long, what is pretty easy fix. Few of them contacted the seller and are happy with the service. Many reported about getting tons of compliments at weddings, sweet sixteen dances and similar celebrations, what is always good to hear. All in all it's a classic and elegant dress, which can be worn at different occasions, so you get a true classic for very reasonable price.

Prefer Short And Casual?


sister of the bride rayon dress

Buy at Amazon.com: Sister Of The Bride Rayon Dress

If you are looking for something comfy, yet special, a dress, made of rayon, an alternative to silk, produced from cellulose, is an interesting choice. It has ties on the bust (adjustable) and the back, wide straps, embroidered panels on the skirt and all together gives somehow medieval feel. The cut flatters almost all body shapes. It is not a long dress, but not too short either, so measure carefully and decide where you want the henline to fall before you order.

We should add it is pretty modest dress which doesn't show the bra, what is one of classic concerns. Another plus is a tie waist where you can regulate it a bit if you want more or less flow. Being available in different colors you can choose something lighter for summer or richer for colder weather. The dress looks and feels soft and gentle, but when you'll put it on, you'll find out it is made of durable material of surprisingly high quality. Hand wash in cold water and line dry only!


sister of the groom sleeveless dress 

Buy at Amazon.com: Sister Of The Groom Sleeveless Dress

Patterned dresses are especially popular at more casual and certain themed (like bohemian or floral) weddings. We decided to include very popular sleeveless gown available in several colorful combinations, all under 50 dollars, which got lots of favorable reviews. Material is silky, soft, smooth and stretchy, and pattern conveniently hides eventual flaws of the figure. Unique mix of polyester and spandex make it a great wear.

Beware - it's a bit see through, so choose your undergarment carefully. Also don't forget, it's made in Italy, so the size chart is different than in USA (in general you should order one or two sizes up) and as always consider your personal specificity and footwear as well.


hi lo dresses for sister of the groom
Buy at Amazon.com: Hi Lo Dresses For Sister Of The Groom

Depending of the formality of the wedding, you can try a spectacular hi lo dress presented above. It's relatively daring with double V neck and if you are among the more blessed on the top, it can be too revealing. This can be solved with few pins and thanks to the clever cut nobody needs to notice. It's enough padded you can wear it without a bra, but you can also wear a regular bra if you want. Be aware the white version is a bit see through.

The most frequent problem reported about this dress is bust area, it seems certain percent of ladies find it too tight, baggy or otherwise not fitting, so be sure to measure yourself correctly. Otherwise we are dealing with quality materials (chiffon and satin), vivid colors and nice embellishments. Majority of reviewers found it as a great buy and some even used it as a wedding dress as brides. Dry cleaning only.


deep v neck red dress

Buy at Amazon.com: Deep V-Neck Red Dress


Here we have another double V neck dress, but this time in short edition ending just above the knees, so you can expose some skin of your legs as well, if you want. To be honest, a neckline is modest and even bustier ladies won't worry to show too much. Fabric is fine, stretchy and durable, colors are lovely, and owners wore it at different formal occasions, like evening parties or weddings, where they received tons of compliments.

On the other hand the very same dress is available in playful polka dot pattern (definitely worth seeing them!), so you can get one for more casual events too. Before you order, check the measurement charts and reviews which are particularly helpful if you are in doubt. You can also double check at the seller. Dry cleaning only!


short sister of the bride dress 1950

Buy at Amazon.com: Short Sister Of The Bride Dress-1950

Gorgeous short dress in retro style may work great especially for younger sisters of the bride or for certain themed weddings (think about rockabilly). While the skirt is already a bit puffed thanks to the tulle layer, for the full volume and true feel of 1950s you'll need a petticoat. There is a 26 inch piece available on Amazon for about eight bucks, apparently doing the job just fine.

Bodice is pleated, material soft and stretchy, several reviewers recommended to order a size down if you are between the sizes. With more than a thousand positive feedbacks we have to add there is one recurring problem - colors are not true to presented ones on the screen, what is most obvious at red and green (check the photos of one buyer in different lights), but in this style it doesn't seem like a huge deal breaker.

There are 18 different colors and patterns available. For the presentation we picked classic dress, but among other possible colors you can find many possibiliteies, including models with polka dots.


 casual sister of the groom dress

Buy at Amazon: Casual Sister Of The Groom Dress

We conclude our list of dresses for sisters (or cousins) of the grooms (or the brides) with adorable short light dress in lively floral pattern (different combos available). Made of soft jersey makes a great choice for open events in the spring and summer, beach weddings are of course included. It is not a see through. You can dress it up with heels or wedges or down with flats and you can play with leggings or a slip. Few reviewers also suggested to try it with a petticoat to make it more puff and you can add a cardigan to make it appropriate for the office.

All in all we are dealing with comfortable and stylish dress, made of quality mix of polyester, spandex and rayon, which is easy to care and can be low ironed too. Great for casual weddings and all kinds of parties in the open space.

We hope you have found your perfect match from our list of dresses for future sisters in law. Please, share it with your friends who might find it useful and have a magnificent party!



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