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A t-shirt with a glossy inscription "Team Bride" can serve as an immediate identifier, a convenient icebreaker or a precious keepsake, you just have to choose the style which suits your theme, bride's temperament or personal story.

We made a selection of finest tees from most reputable web stores. All are available on-line from the comfort of your armchair, come in different colors, sizes and with no hassle return policy. And yes - they have a practical value as well.

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Why would anybody need a Team Bride shirt anyway?

Team Bride tees may be used in a number of different activities, from bridal showers (don't forget: at wedding showers you can make a nice twist with Team Groom and Team Bride shirts) and bachelorette parties, to more or less casual bridal brunches, rehearsal dinners and many other bonding activities, where the main intention is simple - to prepare everybody involved to the hectic schedule of the W-Day and make it as smooth, fun and memorable as possible.

team bride faux gold sequins 

Both t-shirts above look pretty similar, at least at a first sight, both having a shiny gold caption on the classic black base. But a closer look reveals a few distinctions which may or may not be of significant importance for you. The one on the left, for instance, has a shiny effect, achieved with a smart choice of colors, and the one on the right looks similarly glamorous, but more contemporary, what comes from a fake foil pattern.

team bride shirt

Both shirts are made from quality 100% cotton, can be machine washed (in cold water, with similarly toned colors only) and dried at low heat. They are available in four different sizes, which run relatively small, so it's always good to order a size up if you want to stay on the safe side. A double-needle sleeve and a bottom hem make this product truly durable and ready for the unpredictable challenges, coming with pre-wedding activities. If you prefer white instead of black, you can get it too. Or go with both - having the same design for different occasions!

team bride tshirts

It's pretty impressive to see how many varieties are developed from one so simple idea as the "Team Bride" offers. There are countless fonts, colors, and patterns available and even if we limit ourselves with only black and white backgrounds, the possibilities are virtually endless. On the left, there is a lovely combination with a ring, a timeless symbol of marriage and on the right there are two different fonts conveniently fused into one simple inscription.

faux gold team bride

Such shirts are not necessarily used on one occasion only, because, as we have already pointed out, there are several opportunities to be worn on, and they can be used as an unique gift for your dear ones too. Just be aware, there are actually no rhinestones or sequins on these designs, all effects are  made solely on printing.

faux gold script bride tribe

Humor is an important part of weddings, especially if we consider all the stress, inevitably coming with countless details which should be taken care of before finally tying the knot. Well, in the age of social media, when everybody has an opportunity to create his or her own personal tribe, a "Bride Tribe" is an obvious choice. Again, it comes in two basic versions, with black or white background, and in four different sizes, from XS to XL.

last fling before the ring t shirt

The other design, at the same time the last one from Amazon, features a popular saying "Last fling before the ring", openly alluding on the last moments of freedom. This statement should be obviously taken with a pinch of salt, because a pair, deciding to get married, is losing 'freedom' only to get something much more intimate and exciting -  a formal union of two soul mates into something very special, where one plus one always give much more than two. If you like designs with faux goldd foil, you are invited to explore gold foil thank you cards as well.

Colored Team Bride Tees

Here comes Teespring with a pretty different business model. You can choose from many different unique designs of t-shirts, just like at Amazon or POD services, but here you are actually dependant of realization of a project - even if you decide to order a certain shirt, it's possible, your wish won't come true, because a designer may set a goal of several ordered pieces before your order will be processed. Fortunately, even in this case it is very likely you won't wait for your tees too long because Team Bride themed t shirts are almost always ordered in three, four and more pieces at the time.

What's the point of being a part of the team, if it consists of one member only anyway?


team bride shirt pink


Pink is the girliest color ever, so it's only fair to showcase a few examples of tee shirts based on this optimistic color. In both cases we have a Bride Squad instead of Team Bride inscription, what makes your party plans a bit more organized. Getting married is a serious lifetime projects after all isn't it?


pink team bride shirt

As we already said, the order is processed slightly differently as at Amazon. On your right you can see a countdown, what gives you an idea of a time frame when your order can be placed. When a countdown reaches all zeros, your tee will be made in five business days tops. It will be sent to you via priority or similar first class mail. Don't forget to choose the right size!


team bride bachelorette party shirts 


We hope you have found a perfect tee for your occasion, no matter if it's a casual girls' night out or something wilder. In our opinion, this is the finest selection of t-shirts for bridesmaids, matrons of honor, brides' relatives, friends, and, of course, brides for your money, what you can order on-line. While your personal taste is not necessary tuned with fashionable designs, where classic black and white colors still dominate with different pinkish shades right after them.


team bride tee shirts

Glossy effect is a lively addition to these obvious trends and all together results in this article, which may be simply titled Best Team Bride shirts. Cheers to your squad!




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