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Bridal showers in America are deeply ingrained in tea parties at the end of 19th century, when ladies started to met at a cup of tea to shower the bride-to-be with all kinds of small presents. The form of a tea party is still one of the most popular choices for throwing this pre-wedding party and it is not surprising it is used as a leading theme in sometimes very surprising ways.

If you want to stay faithful to the tradition and add a very special twist to the bridal shower, a Mad Hatter Theme inspired by Alice in Wonderland may be a splendid idea. We have chosen some of the best Mad Hatter themed invitation cards available in the market. All are customizable and belong to hi end stationary with really affordable price tag.

It's up to you to find if one of them suit your needs. You can check them as fast or as slow as you like, enjoying in comfort of your best armchair or waiting, or stoically waiting caught in the traffic, in both cases without loosing precious time for checking examples at different printers and desprately trying to find a free parking lot. Here we go!















Welcome To The Mad Hatter Tea Party Bridal Shower!

It's always six o'clock at Mad Hatter's, just in time for a cup of tea and some chit chat with your best friends. This design, inspired by famous scene from Alice's adventures, presents a decadent purple color in a leading role, which is not just in tune with overall surrealistic feeling in the book, but became very popular at weddings in recent years. While pink is still the number one choice for girls, purple became the favorite with slightly older and more ambitious girls.

We can say it became kind or girl power color, what conveniently suits the transformation of the bride-to-be from single to married status. Her position will definitely change and in many cultures the status of people is inseparably entwined with marital status. There are, for instance, certain positions in society, which can't be achieved by un unmarried person.

Hats are important accessories at certain events and we can find them on the list of bridal shower themes. However this hat is a very special hat with a famous story behind. If you want to create the authentic feel of the Mad Tea Party, think further than invitation cards (with envelopes). You might want to choose appropriate decor, food, music and of course prepare some playing cards for the bridal shower games. Maybe you can even arrange a playground for a game of croquet with flamingos.

You can, just an idea, start with a tea table, loaded with colorful tea pots, different cups and chairs. Don't forget - guests should change sits from time to time! Decorate walls with quotes from the Carroll's books, banners, large paper hearts and maybe few posters with the most known characters. Extra large white rabbit made of plush can be a guest of honor. And so on and on, just use your imagination.















Personalize Invitation Cards To Your Mad Hatter Themed Bridal Shower

The character of Mad Hatter is a bit of a mystery. Many believe it is constructed upon hat makers, who worked with poisonous fumes of mercury and consequently suffered from serious neurological disorders. A phrase Mad as a hatter was documented decades before the Alice was written. Strange behaviour of the Hatter (or Hatta) confirms this theory, but only at first sight.

When we look of the symptoms of the disease, he doesn't fit in at all. He is an eccentric extrovert, not lacking of self confidence, or even extremely shy, what were characteristics of patients, suffering by mercury poisoning. It is very likely Carroll constructed his most popular male character after a real person - Theophilus Carter. He lived in Oxford, he was selling furniture, Carrol knew him, and he was known by two things: eccentric behaviour and a top hat, after which he got a knickname - Mad Hatter.

Another interesting detail about Mr. Carter was his love for inventions, including kind of alarm clock, able to tip the sleeper out of the bed. If we recall Carroll's Hatta and his conversation with Time (sic!), we have another analogy with a real person and real events.

One of many likable ideas in this classic book, which appeals to readers of all ages, is the reason for the tea party. There are actually two reasons, first being a chance to avoid the anger of the Queen and the second because it's his un-birthday. While a birthday is undoubtedly always a great reason for throwing a party, we should not neglect other 364 days in a year, right?

With this Mad Hatter themed bridal shower invitation cards you'll instantly set the celebrating mood among the guests and the ability to customize so many details (type and shape of paper, landscape, portrait, addition of your text and images of your choice on both sides, ...) will only add to the uniqueness of event. You definitely don't celebrate a wedding shower every day!














More Mad Hatter Inspired Invitations To The Bridal Shower

Here we can easily recognize several well known elements from Alice in Wonderland too. Although the character of Mad Hatter (did you know, this term was never used by author?) is not present, the scene is so recognizable we can almost feel his entrance and are already waiting for one of his famous puzzles.

Appropriate wording for themed bridal showers can sometimes be a little tricky, but in the case of Mad Hatter this should not be the case. We all know how eccentric was his behaviour in both books about Alice, so anything goofy would work. If you don't have anything special in mind, you can always write his best known riddle: "Why is a rave like a writing desk?", which was never meant to have an answer, but inspired thousands more or less creative minds to try to find a solution anyway.

No matter what you decide to choose for wording, don't forget to add basic info: who, where and when - all invites must provide that!

We hope you have found just right invitation card for a Mad Hatter themed bridal shower. Be bold, be silly, be merry. Just don't be 'late, late, for a very important date'!














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