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Bridal shower invitations in Art Deco style are not great for one occasion only but as an introduction  to a wider wedding theme inspired with this very same style too. If you want, for instance, to prepare your guests for a wedding inspired with Great Gatsby and so called Roaring Twenties, they are a perfect way to introduce an eclectic mix of extravagance and  functionality.

There are many reasons why this artistic answer to the end of Great War is regaining popularity in recent years. When we are talking about marriages, the parallels are obvious. Art Deco means a new start without denying the past, learning from many resources, unlimited with time and geography, just like bride and groom bring their unique personalities and experience to create something original and completely new through the marriage.

A wedding shower inspired with 1920s, one of the most optimistic times in human history, is a very attractive way to express important step in bride's and groom's lives. On this page you'll find a selection of the finest Art Deco bridal shower invitations. All of them can be ordered on-line, all can be customized with your own wordings and images, so you can create unique invites, which are not only informative but make a lovely keepsake as well. In a way we can say they are kind of high end DIY projects, where all existing designs are used only as sophisticated templates for your final invitation card.


Great Gatsby Bridal Shower Invitation Cards














The combination of black and gold is undoubtedly a signature color combination of the 1920s, when  so many new materials became available and the information for the first time became globally available.  Although the functionality became the most important characteristic of design, decorative aspect was by no means not neglected. As we can see at both invitation cards above, details still play an important part.

While they look similar at first glance, we can easily find differences in borders, tones of colors and the typography, so everybody can find the combination suiting his or her taste as easy as possible. With all the additional options as shapes of cards, types of paper, different envelopes, not to mention wordings, the result can be truly one-off.














Architecture was definitely one of the most important expressions of Art Deco and silhouette of Chrysler building is one of the icons of designs in this style. Skyscrapers with accompanying technology represented great business opportunities and one of the proofs of efficiency of capitalism.

Of course Great Depression started in 1929 showed that nothing is perfect, but magnificent buildings like Pan-Pacific Auditorium in LA, Union Trust Building in Detroit or Empire State Building in NY (the tallest building in the world for almost four decades!) still managed to become symbols of success, although this didn't come as easily as some expected. Just like the marriage needs constant effort to succeed.


Art Deco Themed Wedding Shower Invites In More Vibrant Colors

great-gatsby-bridal-invitations great-gatsby-wedding-shower-card












If we have to highlight only one literary piece from mid-Wars era, which roughly matches the times of Art Deco (which, by the way, was then called Modern), Francis Scott Fitzgerald's masterpiece The Great Gatsby is an indisputable winner. Many of the elements of this influential American novel can be recognized in so called Roaring Twenties inspired designs.

Colors are extremely important when we want to set the mood of a specific place or event. Bridal invitation cards in Art Deco style on this page offer the whole rainbow including black and white. The basic colors yellow, red and blue are represented in countless hues and tones and as we can immediately notice, many other elements add to the desired effect even more: stars, cocktails (the signature drink of the era, coming in all imaginable colors), pearls, ... You get the idea!


1920-s-bridal-shower-themed-invitation-card roaring-20-s-bridal-shower-invite












Wedding shower invitations are by definition less formal than invites for the wedding reception and if we decided to throw a glamorous party in 1920s spirit, the cards above are definitely ones which should be considered. They don't only offer attractive graphics with an option to be personalized on both sides, they can be also ordered in alternative forms, like square or circle, with colored envelopes (ten different colors available!).

The best part of print on demand services is your comfort at ordering and if you choose an established customer service like Zazzle, where hundreds of top quality present designs just wait for your input for further customization, a superb experience is guaranteed. There is no minimum order, so you can actually pick few of your favorites just to see which of them feels best in your hands and when you make a final decision, order the best one in desired number. Don't forget the quantity discounts!















Both roaring 20s shower bridal invitations above are typical examples of the style where simple geometric patterns dominate the design. Another noticeable decorative elements are flowers, which, being stylised or realistic, were the signature part of Art Nouveau as one of the most influential predecessors of Art Deco.

This artistic style, often overlapped with lifestyle, is also closely associated with Jazz music, globalization and improved social, economic and political rights for women, who stepped from traditional roles of mothers and started careers in the fields traditionally reserved for men. Many of them accomplished spectacular results and proved they can have it all. Very appropriate for a bridal shower or wedding theme, where everything revolves around the bride, isn't it?


bridal-shower-great-gatsby great-gatsby-themed-bridal-shower-invitation












If yolu like the theme, you can expand it through the whole wedding, starting with Art Deco Save the Dates and following with wedding invites.

The stationary is of course only one, although very important part of the celebration. To offer truly unique experience to our invitees, we need to carefully consider all other aspects, like decor, music, food, gift list, games, and so on and on.

Art Deco style, in most cases interchangeable with 1920s or Great Gatsby wedding or bridal shower theme, is extremely popular as an inspiration for weddings, so with conclusion of our selection of best bridal shower invites in Art Deco style we cordially invite you to explore the same theme at save the date cards, wedding invitations and other stationary, all made by top designers and all with ability to be personalized to your taste as much as modern technology allows.

We hope you found the design which suits you and wish you to have a great wedding shower party!



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