When you opted for Art Deco or Great Gatsby wedding theme, appropriately designed stationary became signature part of your big day.

RSVP cards in Art Deco style, set together with similarly designed invites will give your guests a hint about the reception and a good reason to become thrilled months before the event. Superb design and highest possible level of customization will help you at throwing a memorable wedding and create a precious keepsake at the same time.














We checked hundreds of wedding response cards and postcards available on-line and after careful consideration made a selection of best ones. All of them can be personalized not only with your data but very own wording and even graphics, if you want, so you are just few clicks away from finding a perfect RSVP in the so called Great Gatsby theme, which is in most cases interchangeably used with Roaring Twenties, Jazz Age, Art Deco of simply 1920s.

Well, like they say, the devil is in the details, so let's check the winners!

Art Deco Wedding Response Cards For The Hopeless Nostalgic













Despite all the technological progress and newest gadgets on the edge of Science Fiction, we have to admit there is a certain degree of nostalgie in each one of us.

The second decade of the 20th century definitely rings many bells and The Great Gatsby, a masterpiece by Francis Scott Fitzgerrald, inspiring not one, but several great movies with biggest Hollywood stars of different eras, is only one of the reasons why Art Deco is so often chosen as a leading theme for a party or one of the themes incorporated into bigger idea.


1920s were times of great ideas, new materials and inventions promissing a new, better world and in many ways it delivered that and more. It was also time of glamorous parties where gold was a dominant color. Gold universally presents prestige and symbolizes transition from immature youth to responsibility coming with marriage.

the-favor-of-a-reply-is-requested-gold-white wedding-rsvp-card-art-deco












'The favor of a reply is requested' is only one of the possible phrases used in more or less formal RSVP wording. But did you know sending a response card would be considered as a rude behaviour less than five decades ago? Providing an answer to an invitation was taken for granted and there was no need for additional card at a sent invite. (Even more – these cards are sent with envelopes and stamps, which, by the way, can also be personalized!)

As you can notice, these RSVP cards also have a date, by which the response is requested. Addition of the date is a relatively new custom. Receivers of first response cards knew it beseems to answer as soon as possible. Ideally this would be by the end of the next day after receiving an invite, but if possible, the response should be given the same day. Of course now we live in times when so much is going on and with modern transportation we can travel virtually everywhere in a blink of an eye, this kind of planning is completely reasonable.

What if you would like to go, but don't know, if this would be possible because you have other obligations with unpredictable dates and possibility to overlap with the wedding reception? In this case the best solution is to call the bride (or groom or planner or whoever is in charge for the event) and explain the situation. Your efforts will be welcomed!



black-and-white-rsvp-art-deco rsvp-wedding-cards-with-menu-choice-great-gatsby













Contemporary RSVP includes much more than Will/Will Not Attend info. Apart from date, about which we have already discussed, there is also a place for listing additional guest or guests of the invitee and even a menu choice (with standard meat/vegetarian choices in thousand and one variations). Some even try to include song requests!

If you belong to the large group wondering what M in RSVP stands for, it's abbreviation for Mr./Ms./Mrs., but some creativity at interpretations is always allowed ...

Now let's focus on the design. As you can see both cards above belong to classical Art Deco with signature combinations of geometric patterns and popular color as black, white, gold and blue. Both  RSVP cards are printed on both sides, so feel free to explore the possibilities of customization and don't forget you can choose from twelve different types of paper, from classic to some very fancy ones.

1920s-rsvp-card art-deco-rsvp












When you select a RSVP card in Art Deco style, you instantly suggest your guests they'll have the time of their lives. Parties in the Roaring Twenties were truly special, what means not only great  food, lively music, tasty decorations and a lot of drink, but also superb company and it's actually a privilege to be invited to such event, because this means you are considered as a part of best possible group of partygoers.

While we all know many illusions from 1920s didn't last long, we still have the right to hope for the best and this is one of the simplest and most 'to the point' definitions of Art Deco – let's dream, because, let's face it – where would we be without the dreamers?














What to do, if your guests don' respond? This is said, but true – for some reason certain percent of invitees won't return RSVP cards and you (or the person in charge of wedding guest list) should call each one of them to check if they received invitations and ask about their attendance. This is the only way to get the number of your guests at least approximately right. In any case you have to be prepared for few extras or few guests who will miss your big day.

With good planning none of these scenarios should be too painful. We hope you enjoyed our selection of stylish and elegant RSVP wedding cards in Great Gatsby style and wish you all the best in realizing your very own dreams!



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