Halloween has a very special place in so many hearts it's no wonder it regularly inspires thousands weddings all over the USA. Each year Halloween themed wedding invitations attract attention of hundreds of thousands wedding guests who are lucky enough to be invited to one of the most memorable parties of their lives. Remember: date related themed parties are not necessary limited to fixed dates, they can be chosen because a certain date means something special to the bride and the groom too, so virtually any day can serve as an excuse for a party in costumes!

We also love Halloween fun and we felt especially privileged to check best Halloween invites to weddings available on line. All of them are made by reputable designers and as customizable as possible to not only give you an option to fill in your names, dates and places, but to ad a picture or quote which means most to you. Each of presented invitation cards is clickable, and each is linked to several similar designs, so if you find something catchy to your eyes feel free to explore it further. Have a spooktacular time!













Halloween Themed Invitation Cards For Your Wedding

As you have already seen, invites inspired by Halloween offer a lot of options to express your creativity. They are not necessary scary. As a matter of fact, such parties in most cases vibrate in humorous, although not always 100 percent politically correct tones. In any case you can expect typical elements known from classic horror genre like cobwebs, bats, thorns, long shadows, enigmatic shining and of course an absolute dominance of black color.

It is up to you to decide if you will use the existing wording, modify it a bit or writing something completely original, from the darkest corners of your soul … If you need some inspiration, a work from the masters of horror literature, like Edgar Allan Poe, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Stephen King or Clive Barker may give you a hand with a quote or two. All of them were not only the masters of suspension, they showed remarkable sense of humor in their books as well.















Customization of presented wedding invites with Halloween theme doesn't end at graphics and text. You also have an option to experiment with shapes. One of the ideas used in this kind of weddings is a ring box in a shape of coffin. Wording 'Til Death Do Us Part!' gets another dimension in this case, right? At your invites, for instance, you can start this pattern with tagged shaped cards, but, again, there are five other options (each with landscape and portrait design) available, so originality is guaranteed.

We have already mentioned writers as a source of inspiration. Books are not the only useful media for themed wedding receptions. Posters from classic horror movies or even movies, played on flat screen televisions, hanged on the walls can become important decorative elements and mood creators.



If you decide for something like this, consider the limitations of your venue and the perception of your audience. If majority of your audience consists of die hard fans of zombie movies, your playlist will definitely won't be the same as at the mixed guests, where parodies could be a safer bet. Don't forget to compliment the visual elements with appropriate soundtracks.















Halloween themed wedding reception cards are not necessary colored black and the examples above are great examples for this claim. So colorful invitation cards actually remind us more of the Day of the Dead, as it's called in Mexico, where it's celebrated for three days in a row (from October 31 to November 2) and is deeply rooted in ancient traditions.

Flowers and hearts are certainly well tuned with skulls in these cases, where wedding represents the end of one kind of life and beginning of a new one. A wedding is also one of the best opportunities to join friends and relatives of different generations often coming from very distant parts of the country to celebrate important step in lives of their dear ones.


Where To Get Personalized Halloween Wedding Invites?

Indeed! You want your celebration to be special and with Halloween themed invites you'll undoubtedly make a great first impression. Your first step at choosing a perfect invitation card for your big day is a selection of most likeable design. Then you can enter your personal data, select  the type of paper, maybe tweak a design a bit (you can, for instance, add your photo – this is the moment, where the button customize it comes into play),  and pick the quantity you need. Zazzle Inc. will fulfill your order with top quality service and results may look something like these:















When we try to find a perfect card for a themed wedding we often discover how many options we actually have with pre-designed styles. We can easily combine several themes, like chalkboard, fairy tale or art deco to create something completely unique or use one of the colors (think purple or red or black and white) as a kind of leitmotif to add some consistency to otherwise pretty complex project as a wedding so often becomes.

If you decide to use costumes at your wedding reception, you achieve something else too – offer your guests to express their individual creativity and sense of humor without breaking a bank. Basic instructions for a dress code, like at all similar events are still required and customizable cards offer exactly that.














If you are into vampires, spiders or mysterious symbols, these unique wedding cards will absolutely  help you at creating distinctive atmosphere where all other details should follow the initial theme. We already said few words about wording, outfits, music and decor (don't forget the pumpkins!), but there is much more to think about, like food (deviled eggs and monster eyes are always popular appetizers) and drink (spicy cider or classic Bloody Mary first come to mind) and lights (candles or even torches can create really impressive atmosphere) and themed souvenirs and a hired fortune teller and more and more.

Whatever you decide, you are the boss and it's your big day, so go for it! We hope we presented enough Halloween themed invitation cards for your wedding to inspire your wicked thoughts and wish you all the best. Love never dies.



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